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Garden Room Ida

Item NO.: F5823/34-Ida
13.6 m² | Two rooms | Double doors

A lovely garden room with a versatile layout! The Ida garden room has two rooms, each with a separate entrance - ideal if you need both a guest cabin and storage. Purchase a high quality garden room from Polhus and quickly and easily add two extra rooms to your property. With construction taking just 2-3 days, you'll soon be ready to decorate!

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The difference is in the details

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Insulation roof +£839
Insulation wall 70 mm (2.75 inches) +£919
Insulation floor +£579

Roof covering

Roofing felt +£490
Shingle Red +£429
Shingle Black +£429
Shingle Green +£439


Roof Drainage Metal Sheet +£390
Drainage Plastic +£149
Drip edge +£75

Services and More

Foundation +£2,790
Assembly +£5,029

Interior cladding

Ceiling Cladding White Painted +£749
Interior Wall Cladding White Painted +£1,399
Ceiling Cladding White Stained +£690
Interior Wall Cladding White Stained +£1,290
Oak parquet flooring white +£790
Oak parquet flooring natural +£790


Sill underlay +£25


Solar powered fan +£59

Smart details

Heat pump protector +£179

More information

  • A small cabin with plenty of scope - furnish as a guest cabin, storage room or home office
  • Open wide - let light and air flood in with the handy double doors
  • Solid wooden wall panels - smart construction kit that's easy to assemble yourself
  • Convenient - free and easy shipping right to the boundary of your plot
  • Have multiple guests – separate entrances for privacy in each little retreat
  • Guidance all the way – our expert customer service team has helped thousands of gardening enthusiasts bring their projects to fruition.

The Ida garden room is an attractive and versatile cabin with a wide variety of uses. Benefit from two useful rooms covering c.6 m² each without taking up too much space on your plot! On warm days, throw open the large double doors and breathe in the summer air. You can mix a cosy guest room with a handy storage space or a fun hobby room with a home office. Don't forget to add insulation if you want to invite guests or work in the garden when the weather turns chilly.

How do I build it?

Building a garden room is fun! Whether you order via our website or by calling us, you can arrange a delivery week that suits you. Your cabin will then delivered as a construction kit to the boundary of your plot. Although you can prepare a foundation beforehand, it is not essential. Keep the package off the ground if it is damp, and check the watertight packaging is intact so you can store the garden house kit whilst you prepare the ground. After completing the foundation, it's time to start building! Read the manual carefully and follow the instructions so you can place the concrete slabs or plinths under the floor joists correctly. After the floor joists are in place, the satisfying work of building the walls begins. Stack the ready-cut sections on top of each other and step by step your cabin will grow. In no time at all you will be ready to welcome your guests!

The garden room is designed by our own talented and experienced designers. If you have any questions about the product or installation, please do not hesitate to contact us for help!

The best way to get started - our assembly guide!

Thirty pages of explanations and & illustrations Our experts give you advice on how to get started with your project

How to insulate the walls


How to insulate the floor

Laying roof shingles

Laying the roofing felt

Assembling roof insulation & panels


What do previous customers think about our garden rooms?*

*The survey was conducted in 2020 and a total of 89 customers took part, out of 403 who were asked
Think the quality of the kit was good or very good
Our customers gave us an average of 5 stars out of 6 when they were asked "How would you rate the design of our garden rooms?"

8 out of 10

Think the garden house is good value, or very good value for money
Stated that the delivery went well or very well

What did you like about the garden house?

"Quick delivery, good instructions for putting it together. Everything worked perfectly."

”Great service during the delivery. Easy to understand how to put it all together.”

"Everything was pre-sawn. It was easy to check that all the parts were included.”

What could be improved?

"Clearer description and larger text."

”The wood studs that support the building should be at the very top of the package”

"More info about wall and floor insulation. Maybe could have included more information about different roof coverings."

  • S

    Siw P

    Elegant design

  • J

    Joakim R

    Good-looking design

  • M

    Mats G

    The model, the simplicity and the price.

  • P

    Per A

    It was well assembled and easy to structure, based on the construction description.

  • A

    Agneta B

    It's a nice, spacious garden room - feels big inside

  • L

    Lars-Åke P

    You can trust Polhus' professionalism

  • T

    Thomas H

    Good quality and great assistance

  • T

    Tomas J

    Good quality, good support from you

  • I

    Ingegerd E

    A great little house!

  • J

    Jane E

    It's lovely

  • M

    Mikael Ö

    Easy to put together

  • J

    Jan F

    Fun and easy to build. Good quality.

  • E

    Ewa L

    Nice, the windows and doors were good quality, easy to set up.

  • E

    Emma A

    Great to have a construction kit

  • P

    Per K

    Great quality for a great price

  • L

    Lars H

    Good value for money

  • C

    Carin A

    We're very happy with the house, it's been a real hit with our children and grandchildren. And with us too, of course.

  • S

    Stefan L

    In general, it's a quality product, well thought-through and well designed.

  • H

    Helena H

    Would really recommend Polhus for those who want to build something easily by themselves!

  • M

    Maria S

    Quick delivery that went smoothly

  • M

    Mikael K

    Good quality and easy to build, a good fit

  • H

    Hans Q

    Good value for money

  • R

    Richard H

    It was easy to build, the phone support was good, the delivery was very quick.

  • C

    Caroline L

    Quick delivery, and on-time

  • P

    Pontus S

    Good price, quick delivery, great design

  • C

    Conny H

    Completely satisfied

  • M

    Magnus E

    The design

  • R

    Rune R

    Easy and without a hitch

  • D

    Daniel K

    Good value for money

  • E

    Eva B

    Well packed. Good information about the delivery etc. Nice house, easy to put together

  • M

    Malin L

    Good value for money, with superb and readily available customer service 

  • P

    Patrik T

    High-quality, and the products are easy to assemble

  • J

    Johan H

    Good value for money and quite easy to put together.

  • A

    Alex B

    Great construction kit, end product matches reference pictures

  • Z

    Zivile S

    Easy to build

  • J

    Jörgen A

    The option of a garden room, the quality of the wood, support

  • A

    Anders O

    Everything worked perfectly from delivery to the finished construction

  • B

    Bengt G

    Compact and effective

  • L

    Lotta E

    Great communication with Polhus and no problems at all.

  • P

    Peter S

    A good solution with a wide range of products

  • M

    Matthijs P

    Easy to build and good quality

  • O

    Ola H

    Good value for money, simple construction kit.

  • K


    Has been a fun DIY project. I hired a carpenter for 1 day to help build the house, the rest I did myself. The assembly instructions are not 100% complete as I have made some changes myself. The house will be used as a home office.

  • I

    Isak L

    Everything worked, right from day one

  • U

    Ulrika H

    Transport went smoothly, good packaging

  • P

    Per Y

    It came on time

  • D

    Daniel K

    Easy to put together, with clear instructions

  • L

    Leif O

    Relatively cheap and easy to build

  • K

    Krister E

    Great-looking design and easy to set up.

  • O

    Olof J

    We like the house

  • D

    Daniel F

    All parts are good quality and fit

  • A

    Amir B

    The quality of the materials

  • C

    Charlotte O

    Without a hitch & simple

  • L

    Lars M

    The price was good

  • C

    Carina H

    It arrived quickly and everything was included

  • C

    Camilla E

    It was well-packed, all the parts were included.

  • K

    Katarina J

    Good price

  • S

    Stefan J

    Polhus are really genuine and make very good houses, they know what service is

Manuals and drawings - Download and print


Measurements & specifications

- Length: 5832 mm

- Width: 2332 mm

- Height: 2235 mm

- Wall height (front): 2235 mm

- Wall height (back): 1999 mm

- Built area: 13.6 sqm

- Room 1: 6.49 sqm

- Room 2: 6.49 sqm

- Roof surface area: 16.48 sqm

- Roof angle:

- Wood: untreated spruce

Included in delivery

- Wall sections: notched timber planks

- Floor: Floor joists (40 x 95 mm not imp) and floor boards

- Roof: tongue and groove boards

- External doors: 2 half-glass double doors 1590 mm x 1880 mm

- Handle, lock, screws and nails: included

- Other: roof covering not included, available as an optional product

- Packaging: Package 1 - 1440 kg, L 6000 x W 1200 x H 800 mm

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