Hot Tubs

Experience our premium hot tubs and transform your outdoor space into a heaven of relaxation.

At Polhus UK, we've carefully selected a range of wooden hot tubs to enhance your well-being, our selection being available in different sizes and equipped with features for your maximum comfort right in the privacy of your garden.

Whether you're seeking a 2-person hot tub for serene moments or a spacious 4-person hot tub for social gatherings, small hot tubs or large hot tubs, our collection caters to various needs. For those who appreciate the traditional appeal of a wood-fired hot tub and for enthusiasts who prefer the convenience of an electric one, each has its unique benefits for the best outdoor spa experience. 

Explore our selection today and get your pre-assembled hot tub barrel delivered to your door.

Wood Fired Hot Tub

Experience serenity in our carefully crafted wood-fired hot tubs – cozy sanctuaries for relaxation and rejuvenation. The gentle crackling of the wood fire, combined with the natural scent of timber, sets a soothing ambiance. Our wood-fired heater expertly maintains the perfect temperature for an inviting and peaceful soak. Designed to bring the charm of the great outdoors to your backyard, our wood-fired hot tubs create an authentic connection to nature. Whether you're after a romantic evening under the stars or a relaxing retreat, our wood-fired hot tubs offer an enchanting experience that elevates your lifestyle and immerses you in the beauty of the natural world. Explore our hot tubs Polartunnan Royal designed for six to eight people or eight to ten people to make every soak a shared, memorable experience.

Ice Bath Tub - for cold dips in the garden

For those seeking a uniquely invigorating experience, our ice bath tub Svalbard captures the essence of a longstanding Nordic tradition. This practice, deeply rooted in our Nordic heritage for centuries, unites the invigorating chill of an ice bath with the comforting warmth of a sauna, forming a harmonious contrast between extreme temperatures. Our ice bath tub, Svalbard, is a testament to this enduring tradition. Crafted to deliver the ultimate cold plunge experience, it offers a rejuvenating contrast to the comforting warmth of a sauna session. After a soothing time in the sauna, immersing yourself in the frigid waters of the Svalbard is not just a moment of physical renewal but a spiritual connection to the Nordic way of life. By adding our ice bath tub to your garden, you gain instant post-workout recovery and an energy boost. You also embrace the Nordic tradition of combining heat and cold for revitalization, a practice that rejuvenates the body and spirit.