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Hot tub Elegante 205

Item NO.: PT-Elegante-1650
♨️ | 4-6p. | Electric water heater 6kW | ThermoWood

Luxurious hot tub with practical electric heating. Enjoy relaxing baths all year round and become one of our thousands of satisfied customers! The hot tub is easy to connect and you'll be ready for your first dip in no time at all!


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The difference is in the details

Get the most out of your hot tub with our accessories

Protective cover

Insulated lid +£449


Sill underlay +£25

More information

  • Efficient electrical heating- 6 kW water heater included
  • Delivered pre-assembled - fast and easy installation
  • Stylish fibreglass material - attractive and easy to clean
  • High-quality material - wooden panel made of ThermoWood
  • Free shipping and smooth delivery at the plot boundary

The hot tub Elegante 205 is a fantastic hot tub for relaxing bathing in the garden. The hot tub comes with a pump and filter system and a practical electric water heater. The square shape makes the hot tub easy to place wherever you like - next to the patio or in a secluded place in the garden.

The hot tub is clad in a beautiful and environmentally friendly ThermoWood panel. The heat treatment increases the wood's resilience, which makes it easy to maintain. The hot tub is lined with handmade fibreglass with atmospheric LED lighting. The fibreglass lining is available in two designs and you can select the colour you would like when ordering.

We recommend that you complete your order with our handy insulated lid, so you keep the temperature for longer between baths.

How easy is it to assemble?

Make sure you have a stable base to place the hot tub on. If you're placing it on a lawn, we recommend that you dig out the grass and lay a gravel bed of about 100 mm. Then place concrete slabs as support points under the joists. 

The hot tub is delivered pre-assembled and all you need to do is connect the pump, filter system and the electric heater. The electrical installation must be carried out by a licensed electrician. 

The heating time varies depending on the starting temperature of the water and the ambient air temperature. We recommend that you keep a basic temperature of 15-20 degrees in the water and turn up the heat a few hours beforehand. Then the bath ready when you need it.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about ordering, delivery or connection. Our experts are happy to help!

Manuals and drawings - Download and print



- Length: 2060 mm

- Width: 2060 mm

- Height: 1160 mm

- Sit depth: 70 cm

- Water volume: 1650 l

- Tub weight: 240 kg without water, 1890 kg with water

- Room for: 4-6 people

- Time to heat up : approx 10h from 4° - 37°

- Wood: ThermoWood, heat-treated pine

- Tub: Fibre-glass reinforced plastic

- Insulation: polyurethane insulation


- Hot tub: Pre-assembled with heat-treated pine panels and tub made of fibreglass-reinforced plastic

- Electric water heater: 6 kW, Voltage 230 V 1-phase, 230 V 3-phase or 400 V 3-phase, Max temperature 45°C

- Pump and filter system: Complete package with smart integrated timer and start kit for pool care

- Lighting: 2 LED white lights

- Other: Insulated lid not included, available as an extra

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