Explore our selection of single and double wooden carports, the perfect blend of functionality and design.

Polhus UK offers stylish, cost effective wooden carports in various sizes, being an excellent solution for protecting your vehicle. The versatility of our carports satisfies a range of needs, making them the perfect alternative for storing various personal belongings.

Our roof models compliment the wooden carport's robust structure, boosting its functionality and highlighting its overall appeal. 

Select a top-quality, easy to assemble wooden carport kit from Polhus UK and start enjoying its elegance and versatility.

Wooden carports - self assembly

Discover the convenience of self-assembly wooden carports. Our easy-to-build carport kits provide a practical and cost-effective solution for protecting your vehicles from the elements while allowing you the satisfaction of assembling it yourself. We take great care in selecting materials for the Polhus wooden carport kit, ensuring top-notch quality.

These kits are designed to be straightforward to assemble and are delivered unpainted, giving you the freedom to customize the look to your liking. Building a carport is a simpler task than you might imagine, and with our detailed instructions and carefully curated materials, achieving the desired result is a breeze.

Make the smart choice for your vehicle's protection with Polhus wooden carport kits!