Barrel sauna

Experience relaxation and wellness with our exceptional barrel saunas and their stunning design. At Polhus, we present a selection of barrel saunas designed to envelop you in comfort and rejuvenation, all crafted with premium quality materials.

Indulge in the unique charm of a wood-fired barrel sauna or opt for the convenience of an electric heater model. We have the ideal solution to meet your preferences and elevate your sauna experience.

Discover our range and book a free one-on-one consultation with our experts for tailored guidance and recommendations specific to our barrel sauna offering.

Barrel sauna by Polhus UK

Made of quality wood and having a versatile cozy shape that suits various garden layouts, the barrel sauna is an attractive one for many sauna bathing enthusiasts. 

Choosing from our wide range of outdoor saunas, one of Polhus bestsellers is the barrel sauna Selvik. This sauna is perfect for small groups, allowing maximum 3-4 people to enjoy the heat benefits. Barrel sauna Arvid is another top seller barrel sauna that Polhus offers as an alternative to those seeking a slightly smaller home sauna. This barrel sauna model allows up to 2 or 3 people at once for a sauna session making the experience a more private activity.

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Traditional wood-fired or convenient electric heated barrel sauna

Barrel sauna models are known for having a great efficiency in distributing the heat evenly for a better sauna experience. Mostly all our barrel saunas offer you the possibility to opt for a traditional wood-fired sauna or for the convenience of an electric heated sauna. Read this comparison article between wood-fired and electric heated sauna to define which one would be the best fit for you.