Outdoor saunas

Experience our premium quality outdoor saunas and bring yourself closer to nature.

At Polhus, our outdoor saunas have been designed with your comfort and well-being as a priority, using top-tier materials, ensuring longevity and exceptional performance. 

Elevate your lifestyle and your outdoor space into a tranquil sanctuary, embracing the holistic health benefits of sauna therapy. 

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A Polhus kit that empowers you

If you have ever considered building your own sauna, now it’s the time to do it. Why just enjoy the benefits of a sauna when you could be part of the entire process? Your ambition and determination together with specialised help from our team can be enough to transform your outdoors into a garden spa sanctuary.

Our specialists have put together an easy-to-follow DIY kit to empower you to build your dream outdoor sauna and to complete the sauna bathing experience. There is no need for previous building experience as the kit comes along with a manual that makes the assembly process straightforward. 

For any additional help required, our team is available by phone or email to provide additional guidance, ensuring a seamless and successful sauna installation.

Order now an outdoor sauna kit from Polhus UK and incorporate the sauna therapy into your daily ritual.

Which outdoor sauna is your type?

At Polhus UK, the outdoor saunas have been designed with comfort and practicality in mind. The wide range of saunas come in different shapes and sizes designed to satisfy different requirements.

For design-conscious individuals, Polhus caters to both modern and traditional sauna enthusiasts by providing a diverse selection of outdoor saunas. With options for both wood-heated and electrical heating systems, you have the flexibility to tailor the sauna to your specific needs. Whether you prefer large windows fitted sauna for a better panoramic view or cosy, smaller ones for your outdoor sauna having an additional room or terrace, we have just what you're looking for. Your sauna rituals and the social interactions can adjust from intimate, private sauna sessions to joyful gatherings that move onto the terrace- Polhus has something for everyone!

Explore our outdoor sauna range and choose the one tailored to your needs.

Our experts are here to guide you through the process, book a consultation now.

Outdoor sauna bestsellers

Qualitative materials and variety in design is something that defines our outdoor saunas.

To help you get inspired in choosing a home sauna compatible to your needs, we have selected three of our outdoor sauna bestsellers

For those looking into the option of a more contemplative and private sauna session, outdoor sauna Olli is the right size to go for your garden sauna. Those who might want to share the sauna experience with friends and family, Polhus UK have designed the beautiful outdoor sauna Henri and outdoor sauna Adrian outdoor saunas. The gentle transition from the therapeutic space of the hot cabin to the practicality of the extra room is posible with those models.

Book a free consultation with our specialists and find out more about our bestsellers outdoor saunas.