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Sauna Jari

Item NO.: S5126-Jari
14.8 m² | 7-8 p. | Panoramic window | Changing area | Entrance porch

Charming notch-timbered sauna cabin with a modern design suitable for seven to eight people. You can sit back and relax on the aspen benches whilst enjoying a long, hot sauna session. Our popular and easy to use self-assembly kits have brought the pleasures of saunas to many people. All you need to do is inaugurate your sauna with a party!

Timber thickness

44 mm 44 mm
In stock (4 pcs) Delivery time: 15 to 20 working days
70 mm 70 mm +£1,500
In stock (5+ pcs) Delivery time: 15 to 20 working days
90 mm 90 mm +£3,000
In stock (2 pcs) Delivery time: 15 to 20 working days
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Important information - price adjustment from 31/5

Due to increased timber prices, the prices of this product and other parts of our assortment will be increased by up to 5%.To purchase at the current price, order by May 31st. Do you want a later delivery? Please specify the desired delivery week at checkout.

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Sauna pack

Sauna Packet Firewood Harvia +£2,190
Sauna Pack Electric Large (11 kW) +£1,090
Huum Hive 12 kW, control unit + stone +£2,290
Huum Hive 12 kW, control unit WiFi + stone +£2,490
Huum Hive 15 kW, control unit WiFi + stone +£2,590
Traditional Sauna Set +£79
Premium Sauna Set +£129


Insulation & Aspen Panel - Roof +£790
Insulation & Spruce Panel - Roof +£519
Sealing tape +£128

Roof covering

Shingle Black +£479
Shingle Red +£479
Shingle Green +£590
Roofing felt +£589


Roof Drainage Metal Sheet +£490
Drainage Plastic +£159
Drip edge +£85

Services and More

Foundation +£2,790
Assembly +£4,890
Installation Wood-Fired Sauna Kit +£490


Sill underlay +£25


Solar powered fan +£59
Ventilation Kit sauna +£49


LED Sauna lighting +£199

Refreshing accessories

Cold Tub +£890
Shower bucket +£149
Birch sauna whisk +£8
Sauna Whisk Birch & Mint +£8

More information

  • Spacious sauna cabin for seven to eight people
  • High-quality materials - produced from slow-growing spruce
  • Versatile self-assembly kit - delivered in pre-sawn notched-timber wall sections
  • Beautiful custom sauna basins made of aspen are included
  • Practical floor plan with a handy relaxation room for changing
  • Simple and convenient - free shipping and unloading at the plot boundary
  • Developed by our own talented designers - if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
Do you dream of a sauna cabin where you can invite friends and family for relaxing and fun sauna sessions all year round? The Jari sauna is a solid notch-timbered sauna cabin with a modern twist. The beautiful aspen benches can easily accommodate seven to eight people, creating a fantastic atmosphere. The useful area with a decorative window is the perfect place for dressing, relaxing or just chatting. The entrance includes a small terrace where you can cool off after the hot sauna. 

Jari is delivered as a kit that you can easily assemble yourself in just a few days. You can find various add-on packages to add the finishing touches to your sauna and tailor it as you wish. 

How easy is it to assemble? 
You don’t need to be a carpenter to assemble one of our kits. With the help of our easy to follow manuals, building your own sauna is a breeze! 

Start by preparing the foundation - our manual includes a recommended plinth arrangement. Then it's time to construct the cabin by following our clear installation instructions. The notched-timber wall sections are ready to be assembled in turn according to the illustrations in the manual. Step by step, your sauna will appear before your eyes. 

We deliver hundreds of sauna cabins every year to satisfied customers all over the country. If you have any questions in connection with ordering or assembly, please don’t hesitate to contacts us for help. 

The best way to get started - our assembly guide!

Thirty pages of explanations and & illustrations Our experts give you advice on how to get started with your project

Assembling a wood-burning stove

Roof insulation in sauna cabins

Laying roof shingles

Laying the roofing felt

How to assemble a sauna cabin


What do previous customers think about our sauna cabins?*

*The survey was conducted in 2020 and a total of 98 customers took part, out of 299 who were asked
Think the quality of the kit was good or very good
Our customers gave us an average of 5 stars out of 6 when they were asked "How would you rate the design of the sauna cabin?"

9 out of 10

Think the building is good value, or very good value for money
Stated that the delivery went well or very well

What did you like about the garden house?

"Great customer service over the phone. The delivery was on time. All the materials were included and were packed well..”

"It was a complete set. Good amount of screws, no skimping on quality in any way.”

"You could feel the quality. Good windows and doors. Well packed and sorted.”

What could be improved?

"I received good customer support with what's needed for the foundation, treatment of the shed and ventilation but an (even) clearer FAQ on the website would have made it easier.”

"The description of how to mount the wood burning stove with chimney and water tank”

”Smaller details should be in the kit itself - in the window and door descriptions you have to figure things out a bit by yourself”

  • D

    David L

    Nice quality wood, friendly customer service

  • S

    Samuel H

    Easy to build and good value for money.

  • J

    Jussi N

    High-quality of both products and customer service.

  • P

    Pauli T

    I love to be in the sauna

  • F

    Fredrik E

    I received good customer support regarding what was needed for the foundation, the treatment of the garden house and ventilation but some (even) clearer FAQ on the website would have made things easier.

  • S

    Stefan F

    Easy to work with

  • J

    Johan S

    The design and quality

  • R

    Ria W

    Good design and good advice.

  • N

    Niklas A

    We are pleased

  • M

    Mats D

    Nothing was missing, and everything was packed well.

  • M

    Mats L

    Good concept of kits, so that 'amateurs' can build.

  • L

    Linda T

    Good packaging and it felt solid

  • B

    Bengt M

    Easy to put together

  • M

    Micke J

    Good, went smoothly and is easy to build once you have learned to understand the drawings.

  • N

    Niclas B

    Good quality, easy to assemble and reasonable price.

  • M

    Mats J

    Good quality of the sawn wood, good fit

  • R

    Roger O

    Good quality for a good price

  • H

    Heléne S

    Good quality, fast delivery, good customer service

  • C

    Christer A

    It's a well-constructed sauna.

  • A

    Anders S

    Great and good value for money

  • K

    Karl H

    The quality of the materials

  • H

    Helena W

    The finished product is even better than the pictures. It sits in our garden like a statue, it's absolutely stunning and wonderfully crafted.

  • A

    Anders B

    The materials, feel and design give the impression and the atmosphere we were looking for.

  • A

    Anna F

    It looks great, and in my amateur opinion it's good quality with a well thought-through design.

  • P

    Perrin W

    Very good. The wood for the foundation could have been better quality. But in general a good experience, everything was in the right place.

  • F

    Fredrik H

    Feels solid and good quality all the way through

  • C

    Carl C

    The sauna was so lovely, and in a design we liked. A great selection to choose from.

  • B

    Bo-Yngve N

    Fantastically useful with the shower room/changing room. We love to sit by the fire in our sauna!

  • S

    Siebren D

    The set was complete. Good amount of screws, no skimping on quality in any way.

  • U

    Ulf H

    I'm very pleased and it all works just as it should

  • A

    Angelika S

    Simple, good descriptions

  • P

    Pia L

    Satisfied with the end result. Have only used the sauna a few times so far!

  • A

    Ann-Kristin L

    I'm just so pleased

  • P

    Per Ö

    Great customer service over the phone. The delivery was on time. All the materials were included and were well packed.

  • A

    Andreas R

    Was delivered quickly and without a hitch

  • T

    Tore A

    Not difficult for a home carpenter to build. Everything is included in the building kit.

  • A

    Anders K

    Getting a quote, ordering, delivery, payment, assembly and using for the first time are now all done!! We're really pleased.

  • M

    Mikael A

    Very satisfied - with the sauna and with all the service all the way from order to delivery. 

  • T

    Tomas Ö

    Well packed, arranged sensibly in the pack, great quality

  • M

    Markus I

    We're enjoying our Polhus sauna Olli! We kept everything as standard, just enlarged the veranda slightly.

  • H

    Henrik L

    Good quality

  • B

    Björn A

    I'm really pleased. Great value for money and good quality.

  • D

    David E

    Everything went smoothly with our ready-built model - all of a sudden we had a sauna.

  • E

    Elin L

    Simple, fast and went smoothly, good product and good customer support

  • U

    Ulf N

    Works well, stylish interiors

  • O

    Ola K

    It arrived quickly and on time, and all the parts were there

  • A

    Andreas S

    Simple, more spacious than we thought, so we were pleasantly surprised by its size

  • L

    Leif A

    Came in good time, nice driver

  • M

    Markus N

    Good value for money, quick delivery and good customer service in the chat.

  • P

    Peter N

    It met my expectations.

  • A

    Axel M

    Quality, stylish design, useful help over the phone when needed.

  • J

    Johan G

    Everything went smoothly.

  • L

    Lennart G

    Nice sauna cabin with a lot of space. Quick to heat with the wood burning stove.

  • K

    Katarina E

    Good value for money, easy to build

  • E

    Emma B

    Really pleased with the relaxing little room and the big windows

  • A

    Ann-Britt G

    Easy, in that it came directly to our house

  • M

    Mikael L

    Looks great, a lot of sauna for your money.

  • P

    Petra D

    Good value for money, delivery went smoothly.

  • S

    Svante B

    Well-packed and easy to handle.

  • A

    Annica N

    Stylish design

  • D

    Daniel I

    It was easy to assemble by ourselves

Manuals and drawings - Download and print

Reference pictures from our customers


Dimensions & Specifications

- Length: 6150 mm

- Width: 2400 mm

- Height: 2430 mm, internal maximum wall height 2260 mm

- Building area: 14.8 sqm

- Room 1 (sauna): 6.73 sqm

- Room 2 (approx.): 4.39 sqm

- Terrace: 2.9 sqm

- Size: 20.13 sqm

- Roof slope: 6 °

- Roof bearing capacity: 250 kg/sqm

- Wood: Untreated spruce wood


- Frame: Planed and notched timber wall sections

- Floor: 28x120 mm boards on impregnated floor beams 45x90 mm

- Ceiling: 18 mm tongue-and-groove boards on roof trusses 70x140 mm

- Exterior door: 900 x 1930 mm with round insulating glass window

- Sauna door: 690x1900 mm Tempered clear glass

- Window sauna room: 3 pcs 1700 x 875 mm, panoramic window with tempered insulating glass, non-openable

- Window dressing room: 1 round window 800 mm in diameter with tempered insulating glass, non-openable

- Sauna benches: 2 benches, 600 mm top and 400 mm deep bottom bench, material aspen.

- Backrest: Material aspen

- Screen: Material aspen

- Screws & nails: Included

- The surface cladding as baseboard, roofing felt, shingles or roofing sheet: Not included, available as an accessory

- Sauna package: Not included, available as an accessory

Specifications 44 mm

- Floor area (inside): 11.1 sqm

- Terrace: 2.9 sqm

Specifications 70 mm

- Floor area: 10.9 sqm

- Terrace: 2.7 sqm

Specifications 90 mm

- Floor area: 10.7 sqm

- Terrace: 2.57 sqm

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