How to place an order

Contact Polhus customer service if you have any questions about prices, range, deliveries etc. 

You can order products from Polhus in the following ways: 

- Order via our website - add the product to your basket and go to the checkout.

- Order via email

- Order by phone: 01625 682250

The following payment options are available: 

- Pay by card 
You register your card details on a secure page, after which the amount is debited from your card. The entire transaction takes place over an encrypted connection and is very secure. As soon as the order is ready, we will send it out.

- Advance payment via invoice 
An invoice is sent to your e-mail address or by post when you have placed your order, at no extra cost. You pay just as you pay your other bills. When the money has reached our account, we will send out your order.