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Upgrade your living standards with a Scandinavian garden house from Polhus UK.

Our wooden garden houses are designed and produced to cover a wide range of sizes and models requirements, the wooden kits being delivered to the comfort of your home.

Polhus UK specialists have crafted these garden house kits for delivering the best experience - do not hesitate to get in touch with us if advice or assistance is needed.

Explore our collection of garden houses and connect with Polhus specialists for guidance - free delivery and free advice with Polhus UK. 

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At Polhus, we offer a range of garden house options to match your preferences. One major advantage of these self-build kits is their cost-effectiveness. You can choose from different models, and the price varies accordingly.

Whether you want lots of natural light with large windows and glass doors or a more private, windowless design, we have options to make your vision a reality. Our kits cater to various budgets, and you can add extras like insulation, ceilings, and downspouts as needed. If you prefer, we offer assembly services to simplify the construction process, allowing you to focus on customizing the interior to your liking.

Polhus provides competitively priced garden house kits, making it more achievable to own a personalized garden house without compromising on quality. Explore the possibilities of kit garden houses with Polhus—an intelligent and cost-effective way to turn your dream of having a customized garden room into reality

Garden House Assembly and Building Permit Services

Assembly Service:

Our assembly service offers you a hassle-free and reliable solution. We take care of erecting the garden house kit at fixed prices. Our experienced team of carpenters assembles hundreds of cottages each year, ensuring a speedy and efficient process.

Building Permit Assistance Service:

With our building permit assistance service, we help you gather all the necessary documents required for a building permit application. We compile and organize all the documentation you need to facilitate the application process. It's important to note that we do not apply for the permit on your behalf, but we ensure you have everything in order to make the application process smooth and efficient.

With our fixed-price assembly and building permit services, you can rest assured that your project will progress smoothly and quickly, thanks to our team's extensive experience in assembling hundreds of garden houses each year.

Enhance Your Space with a Garden House in Wood

Discover the perfect garden house wood solution for your UK garden. Our wooden garden rooms, crafted with the timeless aesthetics and natural warmth of Scandinavian design, offer versatility and durability. These spaces seamlessly blend with your outdoor area, whether you need a home office, a studio, a guest room, or a retreat.

Designed to withstand the UK's weather, wood garden houses provide durability, making them a long-lasting investment. Plus, you have the freedom to choose your own finishing, adding a personal touch to your outdoor living experience. Welcome to a world of possibilities for enhancing your outdoor space with the richness of wood and the elegance of Scandinavian design