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Garden House 25 sqm Rosenhaga

Item NO.: P3865-Rosenhaga-25
21.8 sqm + loft 6.1 sqm

Modular house of 25 sqm with loft and our finest triple-glazed windows with u-value 0.9.

£23,990 £19,192

Valid until 30/05 !

5 hours 36 min 21 s !

Including VAT

Important information - price adjustment from 31/5

Due to increased timber prices, the prices of this product and other parts of our assortment will be increased by up to 5%.To purchase at the current price, order by May 31st. Do you want a later delivery? Please specify the desired delivery week at checkout.

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Insulation floor 145 mm (5.71 inches) +£1,190
Insulation floor 190 mm (7.48 inches) +£1,590
Wall insulation 160 mm +£2,690
Wall insulation 90 mm +£1,490
Insulation roof +£1,190

Roof covering

Roofing felt +£649
Shingle Black +£539
Shingle +£629
Shingle Red +£539
Shingle Green +£679


Drainage Plastic +£159
Drip edge +£85

Services and More

Building Permit Service +£990
Assembly +£8,190

Interior cladding

Interior Wall Cladding White Stained +£1,190
Ceiling Cladding White Stained +£590
Interior Wall Cladding White Painted +£1,190
Ceiling Cladding White Painted +£590
Oak parquet flooring white +£1,190
Oak parquet flooring natural +£1,190


Sill underlay +£25


Solar powered fan +£59
Ventilation Kit FT +£290
Ventilation Kit FTX +£990

Smart details

Heat pump protector +£179

More information

  • Supplied as prefabricated parts for easy assembly

Rosenhaga's one of our modern models that can be purchased as a modular house. It meets the Swedish Housing Agency's requirements for permanent housing regarding energy management, ceiling height and adaptation for the disabled.

Downstairs, you'll find a large, spacious cabin with a main room and a bathroom, and above the bathroom, you'll find a cosy sleeping loft. The wide, slatted glass doors make the house feel light and airy.

The idea with this cabin is that it should work just as well as a permanent residence as it does as a holiday home or luxurious extra room for a home office or hobby room for activities that require a bit more space. If you want to, you can choose to rent the cabin out and receive a fixed monthly income, or you can give your teenager their first home of their own as the first step into adulthood.

When you've decided where you want to put the cabin, prepare the foundation by levelling the ground, casting or digging plinths and gravelling a ground surface larger than the building according to our instructions. Because the cabin's already manufactured and in stock, we offer fast delivery.

The walls are delivered as panel that you erect and assemble on site. The floor joists and roof parts are all pre-cut to the correct lengths, so you need only assemble your cabin according to the manual. If you have any questions during the installation, you're always welcome to call customer service and talk to a cabin assembly expert. If you want help with the assembly, we can arrange for an experienced Polhus contractor to come out and assist you.

The cabin can easily be supplemented with insulation, as well as connections to the water mains and sewage systems. When the cabin's fully assembled, all that remains are the final touches, such as painting the outside, laying roofing, furnishing the inside with wooden panels or anything else you feel is necessary. We offer accessory packages such as roof covering packages, insulation packages and interior cladding packages - so you can finish off your cabin as you see fit.

The attefallshus is delivered as a building kit with ready-made building elements. When ordering, you have the opportunity to request the week in which your cabin will be delivered.

An attefallshus is a type of cabin that's been built in Sweden since 2014. It's simply a building of up to 30 square metres that can be constructed on your plot without a building permit.

The best way to get started - our assembly guide!

Thirty pages of explanations and & illustrations Our experts give you advice on how to get started with your project

How to insulate the walls


Roof insulation and panels


How to insulate the floor

Laying roof shingles

Laying the roofing felt

How to assemble a Garden House


What do previous customers think about our buildings?*

*The survey was conducted in 2020 and a total of 89 customers took part out of the 398 who were asked
Thought the quality of the kit was good or very good
Our customers gave us an average of 5 stars out of 6 when they were asked "How would you rate the design of the garden house?"

9 out of 10

Felt that the building was affordable or very affordable
Stated that the delivery went well or very well

What did you like about the garden house?

”That nothing was missing and that it was delivered on the expected day and time. Also, it matched the description from the website very well.”

”Simple to assemble. I built a house, just like that!”

"Great quality. Great service. When we received the delivery, the interior doors were missing, but the issue was easily solved.”

What could be improved?

"It's hard to think of anything negative, and any problems that arose were mostly solved over the phone. Maybe someone from the company could visit the site to solve any issues or give advice if there are any problems?”

"Instructions and specifications of the delivered parts and where/how they were packed could have been better.”

"More detailed pictures for how to mount linings, mouldings etc. ”

  • P

    Paul O

    We were able do so much with our garden house by ourselves

  • P

    Pia D

    Great to be able to afford our dream!

  • E

    Eva Lena N

    Everything worked so well and we're really pleased

  • F

    Fredrik L

    Affordable, lovely house of good quality for the price, and because we had great help every time we called/and or emailed with questions.

  • R

    Ronnie K

    A kit that's relatively easy to assemble. The construction kit was necessary for us as we had to carry most of the parts to the site.

  • T

    Torsten L

    Great quality, good value for money

  • L

    Linnea E

    It's lovely to have a half-timbered house

  • H

    Hans H

    You get a lot for your money. Good quality.

  • M

    Mats A

    It was fun to build it ourselves

  • C

    Carola R

    A good product for the price

  • M

    Mattias E

    Good layout and it looks nice. Easy to put up.

  • H

    Helena S

    Lovely, pleasant house, delivered as a complete set

  • M

    Maria Z

    Easy to build. Solid. Stylish and practical.

  • K

    Karl B

    Very good customer service, with good understanding of the problems we encountered and pointed out and we received help to deal with them

  • C

    Catarina L

    Good quality, easy to build, very nice result

  • M

    Mats B

    Good, practical house. Good price. The quality, the features

  • P

    Peter S

    Good value for money

  • L

    Lennart A

    The whole of the purchase: Good quality, good delivery and good feedback

  • H

    Henry J

    Good quality, good value for money, really great customer service from Polhus. Mostly dealt with Christer.

  • B

    Björn J

    Good value for money and easy to work with.

  • F

    Freddy R

    Good customer service from the seller

  • L

    Lars J

    Easy to build, but make sure you have the supporting beams balanced correctly and the correct diagonal dimensions

  • P

    Petra A

    Simple and good value for money

  • T

    Tone K

    Simple, good-looking

  • G

    Gunnar I

    The design, quality and customer service.

  • E

    Erik R

    Good value for money and looks great

  • H

    Hilding K

    We are really pleased with our lovely, beautiful house

  • U

    Ulf N

    The house I chose looks nice, the interior has a large living room and it's all good

  • K

    Kristina B

    The house is lovely

  • E

    Eva J

    A functionalist-style house with a good floor plan.

  • F

    Fredrik M

    Everything worked well

  • J

    Joel E

    Easy to put together

  • J

    Julien D

    Fantastic help from Håkan with the construction!!!

  • P

    Per-Erik E

    Good quality materials and meticulous builders

  • L

    Leif T

    Nice house. Good customer service.

  • P

    Peter W

    Very satisfied, a big + to you.

  • J

    Jan N

    Great price

  • Ö

    Östen H

    Lovely design, good quality, good floor plan, good value for money

  • E

    Erik S

    Good-looking design and good external timber

  • H

    Håkan F

    Good description of how to build the house.

  • I

    Ingemar L

    It's pleasant and practical.

  • M

    Mikael Z

    We feel that it was well-planned and a solid construction, it's great to have the loft which has a solid ladder

  • L

    Lisa B

    Easy to find the parts, they were clearly labelled

  • M

    Margareta A

    Good value for money and it's lovely

  • L

    Lena P

    The quality, the delivery.

  • K

    Karin Z

    Pleasant, nice and spacious

  • A

    Andreas R

    Easy to build, good value for money

  • H

    Henrik H

    It made a lovely little house

  • J

    Juliane v K

    It looks great. I'm really pleased.

  • P

    Per E

    It was a very good fit

  • H

    Helene W

    Good-looking design

  • P

    Peter G

    Nice models

  • B

    Björn H

    Good value for money. Good quality.


Included in kit

- Frame: finished exterior wall parts that can be lifted into place and assembled by 2-3 people. Floor joists (150 mm) are pre-cut to the correct lengths ready to be screwed together. The roof structure's also pre-cut and can be screwed together according to the manual.

- Wall thickness: 142 mm with 95 mm vertical studs

- Wall insulation: recommended 95+95 mm (optional extra kit)

- Treatment wooden facade: façade made of untreated standing chipboard (18 mm panels).

- Measurements: 3800 x 6500 mm

- Height: 3660 mm, internal maximum wall height 2500 mm

- Room 1 (main room): 15.4 sqm

- Room 2 (bathroom): 3.3 sqm

- Loft: 6.1 sqm

- Windows: white-painted external & internal triple-glazed windows, (U value = 0.9) incl. window film (black)

- Exterior doors: outward-opening window door incl. lock (Assa Abloy). White painted exterior & interior. (Up=0.9) incl. window film (black)

- Inner door: untreated wooden door 900 x 2100 mm incl. lock (Assa Abloy)

- Roof surface area: 26.8 sqm

- Roof sealing layer: optional extra

More information about the Rosenhaga attefallshus

- Length: 6500 mm

- Width: 3800 mm

- Height: 3900 mm

- Size: 24.7 sqm

- Wood type: Untreated spruce

- Can be used as permanent residence: yes (complementary residence, according to BBR, the Housing Authority's Building Regulations)

- Can be rented out year round: yes

- Assembly: 2-3 people required

- Loft: yes

- Plumbing: no

- Electricity: no

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