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Do you dream of a cosy garden house, or a charming summer house with a loft? Is your dream house on the coast or is it a mountain cabin with a sauna in the far north? Or maybe you're looking for flexible high-quality housing and great design? Or do you want to give your children their own playhouse? Dreams can come in all shapes and sizes, but Polhus can help realise them all with affordable high-quality kits that are easy to assemble.

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Our fast deliveries, clear drawings and crystal clear building instructions mean that you can start building your garden house within 4 weeks from the time you decide to get one.

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We really know our wooden houses. We have over 15 years' experience of wooden houses, and with thousands of buildings delivered we dare to call ourselves experts. Try us out! We can answer all questions to do with construction, assembly and delivery.

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Let us help you make your dream come true

Are you dreaming of a garage or garden shed to simplify your everyday life? Or maybe a sauna and wooden hot tub, a gazebo or a pavilion on your land to add a touch of luxury to your life? If so, what's stopping you?

People who are good at DIY and practical people who like carpentry can easily build a garage or shed, or even a carport or playhouse. However, even DIY enthusiasts wouldn't consider trying to build a summer house, garden house or log cabin. In addition to the difficulty of getting an entire house together, there are a lot of laws and regulations to abide by. Also, you might have limited time and can't just go to your boss at the end of the summer and ask for another couple of months' holiday because the family's construction project has dragged on.

Building a house from scratch is a big project. When you start, you rarely know how much it will cost or how long it will take, or even whether you can put it all together. It's easy to get snowed under or drown in possible problems like selecting the materials, incorrect deliveries or building regulations. That's why you might hesitate - but don't make that mistake. Take a shortcut instead!

That's where Polhus comes in. Since 2001, we've been building timber houses and building elements with competitive prices without compromising on quality. The houses come in ready-to-build construction kits that you assemble yourself with the help of our manuals. The principle is no more difficult than building with LEGO or Meccano. All the material is included in the packages, along with with drawings and assembly instructions. Let your construction be a fun-filled family project or recruit friends and acquaintances to help carry in items or help you build. Building a house with us as your partner doesn't require anything more than being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel from the very beginning.

There are many advantages to buying a kit from Polhus. It's much cheaper than buying a completely finished house and saves a lot of time compared to building one yourself from scratch. As well as this, we can straighten out those question marks that mean you might otherwise never get started on your dream project and just keep it as a fun idea. When you build a house from Polhus, you know in advance what it will cost and what the result will be. Just look at our images and plan and furnish on paper even before the first step.

That's not to say that a house from Polhus is a boring standard product. As a customer, you choose the colour and roofing yourself, to add your personal touch. There are also lots of options and choices so that your house is designed completely according to your wishes.

Start by calmly taking your time choosing the house type and model. It's a good idea to do this at your leisure, because there are lots of different sizes and designs. Then you can choose the various options such as windows, doors and insulation packages. Everything is available on our website and we're also a sounding board for you, so that you get exactly what you need for your dream house to be realised.

Whether you want a garden house to rent out for an extra source of income, a storage room to store outdoor furniture and lawn mowers in, a gazebo to host wonderful dinners in with beautiful views, a fun playhouse for the kids or a completely different building - you can turn to Polhus. We'll make sure that your dream house doesn't stay 'a paper moon' but becomes a delightful space for many, many years to come.