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Outhouse for Ecoteco

Item NO.: Ecoteco-utedass
Outhouse toilet for Ecoteco, 1 m²

The perfect outhouse toilet that’s both practical and stylish.

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The difference is in the details

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Roof covering

Roofing felt +£179
Shingle Black +£229
Shingle Red +£229
Shingle Green +£279


Drip edge +£59

Compost toilet

Extra container +£819
Ecoteco-toilet +£990


Sill underlay +£25

More information

Outhouse toilets may seem to some to belong to a different age, but this is far from the case. With modern technology they are practical, eco-friendly and easily maintained. No need to discharge the residual waste via sewage pipes, which is especially useful in locations with difficult ground conditions.

No longer the simple construction of the past, the outhouse combines style with a high-quality construction designed to house the latest Ecoteco outdoor toilet. These highly efficient composting toilets are sold separately, but fit perfectly with this outhouse.

To keep the price down, it’s also sold as a kit. We deliver to the plot and the customer assembles the parts on the site. All wood, the hinged door and windows, screws and nails are included in the package, together with an assembly instruction (extras can also be selected and added on.)

The toilet doesn't need water or electricity to work. The long lasting and eco-friendly design is also odour-free due to excellent ventilation.

We recommend that you add an extra ecoteco container. This will enable you to easily replace a filled container with an empty one and let the composting continue without unnecessary interruption.

If the Ecoteco toilet is only used in the summer, emptying in the spring is recommended as the composting continues for a longer period of time. Simple and easy!

Usage time

Ecoteco can be used all year round. Even if the compost freezes in the winter, it doesn't damage the container itself. Composting starts again when the temperature rises.

The best way to get started - our assembly guide!

Thirty pages of explanations and & illustrations Our experts give you advice on how to get started with your project

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"Smaller details in the kit itself - in the window and door descriptions you have to figure things out yourself a bit”

Manuals and drawings - Download and print

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Dimensions & specifications

- Length: 1565 mm

- Width: 1100 mm

- Height: 2519 mm

- Floor area: 1.02 m²

- Wall sections: Finished uninsulated wall sections, 43 mm joists and 20 mm horizontal panel boards

- Wood: Untreated spruce wood


- Dimensions: - L 2400 x W 1200 x H 600 mm - 280 kg

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