Does your summer home need a new outhouse? Are you considering buying an outhouse? Polhus' classic outhouses are available in a range of designs and fulfil their function to the max. Our summer house toilets are constructed simply and stably, with a full or half door to help experience the wonderful feeling of summer. 

Build an outhouse yourself - Ready-to-assemble kits

Outhouse kits; All our outhouses are easy to assemble and are unpainted, so you can choose what suits you, your plot and your house best. The materials for our outhouses are chosen with care and a good feel for quality. The entire Polhus range of outhouses is delivered unpainted in a kit with everything you need to build your outhouse. 

Outhouse accessories

Check out our accessories for the outhouse kits, such as composting toilets/incineration toilets. Buy your outdoor toilet today!

Composting outhouse

Composting outhouses operate without the need for water or chemicals, converting human waste into valuable fertilizer through natural composting processes.

Our Ecotecos composting toilet is expertly designed to seamlessly fit into our outhouses, but it can also be used as a standalone unit. What sets it apart is that the composting process begins immediately upon use, ensuring a completely odor-free experience, thanks to efficient ventilation. By utilizing a separate composting container, feces are transformed into fully composted soil, all without requiring water or electricity. So, whether you call it a Composting Outhouse, outhouse, outdoor toilet, or outside toilet, our solution harmoniously integrates nature's recycling process into your environment.