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Wood fired sauna vs electric heated sauna

In determining the optimal choice between a wood-fired and an electric heated sauna, there are various factors that come into consideration like personal preferences, the sauna's location, and your availability in handling the maintenance characteristic to each type. Each option has distinct advantages and disadvantages, making the decision a matter of what is suitable for your specific sauna experience and needs.


Wood-fired heated sauna – advantages and disadvantages

The wood-fired heated sauna provides the authentic and traditional sauna bathing experience, this being a feature that often sways many in favor of their outdoor sauna. The entire experience, from starting the fire to heating up the sauna using the logs, are considered small rituals used by the enthusiasts in building up the success for a great sauna spa experience.

Also, this heating system has a therapeutic effect caused by the sound and the smell of a burning fire. A log burner sauna is the ideal solution for creating a cozy and rustic atmosphere inside the sauna, having your own garden sauna.

Wood fired sauna heater

Sauna Timo with wood-fired heater

Another perspective to look at this type of heated sauna is the economical and practical point of view. Having a wood-fired heated sauna is most cost-effective as they do not rely on the electricity but also make the sauna accessible for those remote locations where the power sources are not existing or are very difficult to access.

There are some considerations to be mentioned when referring to the wood-fired heated sauna and that will be the maintenance level required for those purchasing this type of sauna; this traditional heater needs regular maintenance like cleaning out the ashes, purchasing and sorting out the firewood. The time and effort into this direction can be the sources of therapy into the process of sauna bathing for some people or energy consuming for others.

To sum up, here are some great arguments why you should choose the traditional wood-fired heated sauna:

  • Cosiness
  • Freedom in choosing the location
  • Traditional experience
  • Authentic experience
  • Sensorial therapy
  • Personalized experience
  • Rustic appeal
  • Connection to nature
  • Low operating costs
  • Fire skills mastering
  • Fuel sources flexibility
  • Availability of different types of wood
  • Encouraging outdoor activities
  • Affordable

Electric heated sauna – pros and cons

The electric heated sauna enthusiasts will go for this type of heater due to its convenience and control. With its quick heat-up time, you can enjoy the soothing warmth of the sauna almost instantly after turning it on. With just a simple touch of a switch (or even via Wi-Fi), the sauna can quickly reach the desired temperature, ensuring easy control and maintenance throughout your entire sauna session. Set the timer to your desired session length, providing you with a controlled and relaxing hot sauna experience.

Electrical sauna heater

Sauna Grindavik with electrical heater

When it comes to maintenance there is not much to be mentioned, making it a great alternative for having these ones in places where fired heated saunas are not really an option. Electric heaters, while convenient, may offer a slightly different sauna experience compared to traditional wood-burning stoves, lacking some of the rustic ambiance and aromatic qualities. Additionally, they require a constant electrical source, limiting placement options.

Our specialists have selected a few reasons why you should choose the electric-heated sauna:

  • Convenient
  • Clean
  • Quick to heat
  • Timer
  • Pre-programming option
  • Time saver
  • Hassle-free experience
  • Precise temperature
  • Control over the temperature
  • Easy to maintain the temperature
  • Low maintenance
  • No planning ahead
  • No cleaning efforts required
  • Safety features installed

To Conclude: Wood-Fired or Electric Sauna – Which One?

Ultimately, the optimal choice hinges on your individual preferences, the sauna's placement, and your readiness to undertake maintenance tasks for either type. Both wood-fired and electric heaters bring distinct advantages to the table, ensuring a delightful sauna experience.

So whether you opt for a wood-fired or electric heater, you're bound to enjoy a fantastic sauna experience tailored to suit your preferences.

Most of our saunas provide you with the choice between a cozy wood-fired experience and the convenience of an electric sauna. Explore our inviting outdoor saunas and charming sauna barrels here and find the perfect one for your home!