Garden sheds

Explore the wooden shed collection available at Polhus UK.

Whether you're looking for a small shed as a tool shed for your backyard, or maybe in need of a larger model ideal for the bigger garden tools or even as a bike storage shed- we have an option to suit everyone.

The modern wooden structure is delivered in easy-to-assemble DIY kits, seamlessly integrating with its environment, being the perfect outdoor shed. Our garden sheds are sized and designed to provide shelter from the unpredictable weather conditions without compromising your garden's aesthetics.

Shop Polhus UK's garden shed models and enjoy their reliable and stylish functionality. 

Garden sheds - Ready-to-assemble kits

Our garden sheds are sold in kits. We deliver them in a package with all the wood, panel and boards, doors, any windows, hinges, locks, screws, nails, and assembly instructions. With the help of our instructions, customers can assemble the house themselves on site. If you're fairly good at DIY, it's not hard to turn the pile of boards into an impressive garden shed.

Level the ground, lay gravel down in an area larger than the garden shed and put out masonry blocks as supports, so you have a foundation to build the house on. Then just mount the shed step by step. Paint for the facade and surface coating of the roof aren’t included. Choose the colour and material to match your home. If you have any questions before ordering or during the building, please contact our customer service department who can guide you through any difficulties.