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Playhouse Mille

Item NO.: 2518-MILLE
4.0 m² | Door 1230mm | Loft | Optional slide | Entrance porch

Mille is a high-quality wooden playhouse with cottage windows and a small loft!

Free-standing play slide

NS Without free standing slide
In stock (5+ pcs) Delivery time: 15 to 20 working days
S With free standing slide +£249
In stock (5+ pcs) Delivery time: 15 to 20 working days
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Get the most out of your house with our accessories

Roof covering

Roofing felt +£179
Shingle Black +£229
Shingle Red +£229
Shingle Green +£279


Roof drainage +£189
Drip edge +£75
Roof Drainage Metal Sheet +£639


Sill underlay +£25


Solar powered fan +£59

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Versatile Mille playhouse with a loft

  • Construction - simple and easy installation.
  • Delivery included in the price. 
  • Four square metres of interior space. (excl. loft)

Our Mille playhouse is a delightful and versatile small house with a characteristic pent roof. Here the children can explore their creativity and imagination - without ever leaving the garden. The house combines a round portal window with four long narrow windows to create superb natural lighting. You take off your shoes on the small fenced porch, before stepping inside. Once inside the house, you are met by a wooden staircase that leads up to a small loft with wooden floors. 

Our versatile playhouse is fantastic at encouraging creative play  - combined with a well-built, well-designed 4 m² structure, that will last for many years with room for the children to grow. The wood is delivered untreated, enabling you to tailor the design with your children to meet your tastes or surroundings. This design does not include roof cladding, but we offer a durable and affordable shingle package in three different colour choices.

The house is delivered as a kit with ready-made wall sections, making the assembly simple and easy. Once you have decided where the house should stand, level the ground and replace the top layer of soil with gravel. Lay out masonry supports or dig foundations.  

The versatile Mille design can be changed to encourage a variety of play. Maybe you want to decorate it like an old-fashioned bakery or a candy store? It might be fun to make sweets and pastries from magic dough while the cottage is being assembled. 

Our design combines high-quality and affordability with plenty of finishing touches and can also be used as a storage space for garden furniture and outdoor toys during winter. When the children have grown up, the loft can be dismantled and the house used as storage or even as an extra room in summer.

All windows are made of plexiglass so that the design is as child safe as possible. 

Building a playhouse is a fun project where everyone - regardless of age - can be involved and contribute! 

The best way to get started - our assembly guide!

Thirty pages of explanations and & illustrations Our experts give you advice on how to get started with your project

Laying roof shingles

Laying the roofing felt

How to assemble a playhouse


What do previous customers think about our garden houses?*

*The survey was conducted in 2020 and a total of 277 customers took part, out of 1,135 who were asked
Think the quality of the kit was good or very good
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9 out of 10

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Stated that the delivery went well or very well

What did you like about the garden house?

”Compactly packed and everything was included”

”Great customer service over the phone. The delivery was on time. All the materials were included and were packed well..”

”It came on time, all the parts were there, it looked great.”

What could be improved?

”Information included about how to do the foundations”

”The wood studs that support the building should be at the very top of the package”

”Smaller details should be in the kit itself - in the window and door descriptions you have to figure things out a bit by yourself”

  • F

    Frida N

    The assembly went really well and really smoothly!

  • J

    Josefin M

    The joy that the house gives to our child and other children. Such a cute design too!

  • B

    Birgitta R

    Quick delivery after ordering

  • E

    Ellen L

    Affordable playhouse

  • H

    Henric N

    Good quality and nice design.

  • S

    Stina A

    Good timber, clear instructions

  • B

    Bengt E

    Affordable, easy to build and nice.

  • L

    Linda A

    Affordable playhouse

  • A

    Angelica J

    Lovely, and good quality wood

  • E

    Erik L

    We are pleased with ours.

  • B

    Barbro A

    The quality seems to be good.

  • M

    Marcus B

    Finished, manageable building blocks

  • K

    Konstantina B

    Good value for money

  • E

    Emelie N

    A great garden house

  • I

    Irene L

    Wonderful! Well thought through, and the loft is so much fun

  • J

    Jenny B

    Elegant design

  • M

    Martin H

    Good quality and looks great. Simple construction kit.

  • L

    Lisa O

    The garden house is very nice and there's a lot of light from the windows on all sides.

  • C

    Camilla V

    Good, stable playhouse, good instructions, reasonable price.

  • M

    Marianne A

    Nice houses, good quality and fun design.

  • I

    Ida K

    Nice and good quality

  • E

    Emma V

    A reasonable price and it looks cute

  • A

    Anna-Maria E

    The delivery was fast. Great service.

  • J

    Jan-Stian S

    Very satisfied with the customer service and product. Would recommend Polhus as a supplier. The girls were delighted with their new playhouse.

  • M

    Martin H

    Good customer service, good products.

  • S

    Sara P

    Nice house and design

  • A

    Anna M

    Cute garden house, just the right size!

  • J

    June B

    Great products

  • A

    Anders S

    Simple and easy to understand

  • M

    Malin R

    The playhouse is really lovely, really super lovely

  • R

    Ricky Eriksson

    Lovely playhouse, a great summer project

  • R

    Rebecca W

    The design of the playhouse (the loft is fantastic!), the price.

  • M

    Magnus Ö

    Looks great, was simple and fun to build. Decent price!

  • B

    Björn P

    Lovely, great quality

  • J

    Jan B

    Easy installation.

  • G

    Gunnhild S

    We're very satisfied with the excellent service and quick delivery

  • G

    Gina A


  • A

    Ann-Christin L

    Good value for money, good quality wood

  • A

    Alfred H

    It fulfilled our wishes, and our children are happy

  • S

    Sofia T

    Great quality, looks great and good value for money.

  • J

    Josef A

    It looked good when it was finished

  • V

    Viktor L

    Good value for money, fairly easy to assemble

  • R

    Rickard W

    Overall, the garden house is fantastic. Our children and their friends enjoy it a lot, the design fits well into the surroundings.

  • M

    Mats S

    It was easy to put together

  • A

    André K

    Good design, easy to build. Quite clear instructions.

  • M

    Maurice S

    It was a nice challenge,  with the right drawings it was not much more difficult than putting together an Ikea cabine :)

Manuals and drawings - Download and print

Reference pictures from our customers


Dimensions & specifications

- Length: 2460 mm

- Width: 1960 mm

- Height: 2250 mm (highest point)

- Standing height: 2215 mm at the highest point (without internal loft)

- Floor area: 4.7 m² incl. Veranda (excl. Internal loft)

- Porch: 0.8 m²

- Timber/wall thickness: 45 mm

- Wood: Untreated spruce wood

- Roof area: 6.2 m²

- Roof slope:

Included in the delivery

- Wall sections: Finished uninsulated 45 mm thick wall sections, consisting of joists and walls in planed pine.

- Floor: 39 mm thick floor joists with 15 mm planed untreated tongue and groove boards as floorboards

- Roof: 15 mm untreated tongue and groove boards

- Door: 1230 x 530 mm with door knob

- Windows: 2 pcs. 300 x 1430 mm and 2 pcs. 208 x 1431 mm with plexiglass and a portal window 430 mm in diameter.

- Loft: An interior loft with railing and ladder in the tallest part of the house.

- Other: Porch with balcony railing, screws and nails included.


- Dimensions: L 2230 x W 1200 x H 640 mm

- Weight: 345 kg

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