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Playhouse Ebba

Item NO.: E1812-Ebba
2.1 m² | Door 1080mm | Optional terrace

Cosy playhouse with an imaginative design - perfect for smaller children! The decorative side window and other details that help to fire up children's imaginations . Ebba is delivered as a kit that you can easily assemble yourself with the help of the manual. Give the children a dream playhouse and become one of our hundreds of satisfied customers!

Wooden deck

ND Without wooden deck
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D With wooden deck +£99
In stock (5+ pcs) Delivery time: 15 to 20 working days
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The difference is in the details

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Roof covering

Roofing felt +£179
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Shingle Red +£229
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Roof drainage +£129

Services and More

Toolbox +£79


Sill underlay +£25

More information

  • Schönes Design mit einfallsreichen Details – Mit Hilfe eines Rollos in einer der Fensteröffnungen kann das Spielhaus in einen Kiosk verwandelt werden.
  • Flexibler Bausatz – mithilfe des beiliegenden Handbuchs einfach zusammenzubauen
  • Hohe Qualität – Holz aus langsam wachsender Fichte
  • Kostenloser Versand und Entladen an der Grundstücksgrenze
  • Fügen Sie Ihren eigenen Stil hinzu – unbehandeltes Holz, das in jeder gewünschten Farbe gestrichen werden kann
  • Entwickelt von unseren Konstrukteuren – unsere Experten können Ihre Fragen jederzeit beantworten

Ebba ist ein gemütliches Spielhaus in fantasievollem Design mit niedlichen Fensterdetails und interessanten Winkeln. Seine kleine Dachgaube mit rundem Fenster verleiht diesem Spielhaus das gewisse Extra!
Ebba kann direkt auf einer Terrasse platziert oder mit unserem Holzdeck ergänzt werden. In unserem Zubehör finden Sie Details, die den letzten Schliff verleihen. Da die Wandabschnitte unbehandelt sind, können Sie das Haus in jeder von Ihnen (oder Ihren Kindern) gewünschten Farbe streichen!

Wie gehe ich vor?

Sobald Sie den Platz ausgewählt haben, an dem das Spielhaus stehen soll, beginnt die unterhaltsame Arbeit des Zusammenbaus des Bausatzes. Die Wandteile lassen sich gemäß den Abbildungen im beiliegenden Handbuch leicht zusammenschrauben und es dauert nicht lange, bis die Kinder zum ersten Mal in ihrer neuen Hütte spielen können!

Unsere Spielhäuser werden von unseren erfahrenen Konstrukteuren entworfen. Sollten Sie Fragen im Zusammenhang mit der Bestellung oder Montage haben, können Sie sich jederzeit an uns wenden. Wir helfen Ihnen gerne weiter! 

The best way to get started - our assembly guide!

Thirty pages of explanations and & illustrations Our experts give you advice on how to get started with your project

Laying roof shingles

Laying the roofing felt

How to assemble a playhouse


What do previous customers think about our garden houses?*

*The survey was conducted in 2020 and a total of 277 customers took part, out of 1,135 who were asked
Think the quality of the kit was good or very good
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9 out of 10

Think the garden house is good value, or very good value for money
Stated that the delivery went well or very well

What did you like about the garden house?

”Compactly packed and everything was included”

”Great customer service over the phone. The delivery was on time. All the materials were included and were packed well..”

”It came on time, all the parts were there, it looked great.”

What could be improved?

”Information included about how to do the foundations”

”The wood studs that support the building should be at the very top of the package”

”Smaller details should be in the kit itself - in the window and door descriptions you have to figure things out a bit by yourself”

  • F

    Frida N

    The assembly went really well and really smoothly!

  • J

    Josefin M

    The joy that the house gives to our child and other children. Such a cute design too!

  • B

    Birgitta R

    Quick delivery after ordering

  • E

    Ellen L

    Affordable playhouse

  • H

    Henric N

    Good quality and nice design.

  • S

    Stina A

    Good timber, clear instructions

  • B

    Bengt E

    Affordable, easy to build and nice.

  • L

    Linda A

    Affordable playhouse

  • A

    Angelica J

    Lovely, and good quality wood

  • E

    Erik L

    We are pleased with ours.

  • B

    Barbro A

    The quality seems to be good.

  • M

    Marcus B

    Finished, manageable building blocks

  • K

    Konstantina B

    Good value for money

  • E

    Emelie N

    A great garden house

  • I

    Irene L

    Wonderful! Well thought through, and the loft is so much fun

  • J

    Jenny B

    Elegant design

  • M

    Martin H

    Good quality and looks great. Simple construction kit.

  • L

    Lisa O

    The garden house is very nice and there's a lot of light from the windows on all sides.

  • C

    Camilla V

    Good, stable playhouse, good instructions, reasonable price.

  • M

    Marianne A

    Nice houses, good quality and fun design.

  • I

    Ida K

    Nice and good quality

  • E

    Emma V

    A reasonable price and it looks cute

  • A

    Anna-Maria E

    The delivery was fast. Great service.

  • J

    Jan-Stian S

    Very satisfied with the customer service and product. Would recommend Polhus as a supplier. The girls were delighted with their new playhouse.

  • M

    Martin H

    Good customer service, good products.

  • S

    Sara P

    Nice house and design

  • A

    Anna M

    Cute garden house, just the right size!

  • J

    June B

    Great products

  • A

    Anders S

    Simple and easy to understand

  • M

    Malin R

    The playhouse is really lovely, really super lovely

  • R

    Ricky Eriksson

    Lovely playhouse, a great summer project

  • R

    Rebecca W

    The design of the playhouse (the loft is fantastic!), the price.

  • M

    Magnus Ö

    Looks great, was simple and fun to build. Decent price!

  • B

    Björn P

    Lovely, great quality

  • J

    Jan B

    Easy installation.

  • G

    Gunnhild S

    We're very satisfied with the excellent service and quick delivery

  • G

    Gina A


  • A

    Ann-Christin L

    Good value for money, good quality wood

  • A

    Alfred H

    It fulfilled our wishes, and our children are happy

  • S

    Sofia T

    Great quality, looks great and good value for money.

  • J

    Josef A

    It looked good when it was finished

  • V

    Viktor L

    Good value for money, fairly easy to assemble

  • R

    Rickard W

    Overall, the garden house is fantastic. Our children and their friends enjoy it a lot, the design fits well into the surroundings.

  • M

    Mats S

    It was easy to put together

  • A

    André K

    Good design, easy to build. Quite clear instructions.

  • M

    Maurice S

    It was a nice challenge,  with the right drawings it was not much more difficult than putting together an Ikea cabine :)

Manuals and drawings - Download and print


Dimensions & Specifications

- Length: 1800 mm

- Width: 1228 mm

- Height: 1683 mm

- Building area: 2.21 m²

- Roof area: 4 m²

- Roof slope: 40°

- Wood: Untreated spruce wood

- Wooden deck: not included, can be purchased as an accessory

Included in delivery

- Wall sections: Finished uninsulated wall sections with 30 mm joists and 15 mm horizontal panel boards

- Ceiling: 15 mm roof panels on ceiling beam 19 x 94 mm

- Door: Door with 1-plexiglass window incl. handle 480 x 1080 mm

- Window: 1-plexiglass window - 1 piece 400 x 620 mm

- Window opening: Opening 600 x 600 mm

- Other: Insulation, interior cladding and roof cladding are not included

- Screws and nails: included


- Package 1: 350 kg, L 2350 x W 1200 x H 600 mm

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