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Adjustable brackets PW60

Item NO.: Glidregelsjärn-PW60
Adjustable brackets

Polhus practical adjustable brackets that make installation easier

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When additionally insulating your cabin, you must remember the setting and not lock the walls with static studs. So-called "adjustable brackets" are used instead. Polhus provides adjustable brackets that make installation very easy. The adjustable brackets comes with the appropriate screw and torx bit for your screwdriver.

Attach the adjustable brackets to the side of the standing rule with the 4 holes and fasten the grooved side of the sliding iron to the log with a screw at the top of the long narrow groove. Attach adjustable brackets with c/c of approx. 600 mm and you create an excellent attachment for your wall rules.

Also remember to leave a few cm of space between the rule and the ceiling.

The standing rule can be nailed directly into the bottom row of logs, there is no shrinkage "setting".

If the settlement is not taken into account, the walls will hang on the interior wall studs, resulting in cracks between the wall planks. Correcting the error afterwards can be very difficult.

You can also add insulation from the outside and the principle of the different layers is the same.



- 1 pack of slide iron: 60 pcs


- Length: 100mm long

- Width: (External dimension) is 43 mm on the part with 4 holes. 32 mm on the part with grooves. Track length

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