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Garden Office Julian

Item NO.: P3131/16-Julian
10.95 m²

Contemporary garden room with a versatile design and superb natural light - a design you will enjoy! Choose a self-assembly kit from Polhus and in not time at all you will be relaxing with your new garden room.


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  • Cosy garden room with a wide variety of uses - do you want a new hobby room or guest house?
  • Flexible kit - choose how you want to place the windows
  • Easy assembly - delivered in wall sections that you connect yourself
  • High-quality wood throughout, from slow-growing spruce
  • Free shipping and hassle-free delivery to the plot boundary
  • Service and help - if you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact our knowledgeable customer service staff

Julian is a lovely garden room combining contemporary style with beautiful spruce panelling. The large windows and wide double doors make the interior airy and cosy. The generous windows can be placed either on the front of the model or on the side, during construction. The garden room has a spacious floor area of about 10 m² and is excellent as a guest room, office or hobby studio.

Among our accessories you will find roof cladding and other finishing touches.

How easy is it to assemble?

The garden room is delivered in prefabricated wall sections which you attach step by step according to the instructions in the manual. The parts are easily screwed together and before you know it, your building is ready!

The Julian garden room is developed by our own experienced designers. If you have any questions about the product or assembly, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Roof insulation and panels


How to insulate the floor

How to insulate the walls


How to assemble a garden room


Laying roof shingles

Laying the roofing felt

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*The survey was conducted in 2020 and a total of 89 customers took part, out of 403 who were asked
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8 out of 10

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What did you like about the garden house?

"Quick delivery, good instructions for putting it together. Everything worked perfectly."

”Great service during the delivery. Easy to understand how to put it all together.”

"Everything was pre-sawn. It was easy to check that all the parts were included.”

What could be improved?

"Clearer description and larger text."

”The wood studs that support the building should be at the very top of the package”

"More info about wall and floor insulation. Maybe could have included more information about different roof coverings."

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    We like the house

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    Great communication with Polhus and no problems at all.

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    You can trust Polhus' professionalism

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    It's lovely

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    Easy and without a hitch

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    Without a hitch & simple

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    Fun and easy to build. Good quality.

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    Great to have a construction kit

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    Great-looking design and easy to set up.

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    Easy to put together

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    The design

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    A great little house!

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    It was well-packed, all the parts were included.

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    Relatively cheap and easy to build

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    Completely satisfied

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Manuals and drawings - Download and print


Dimensions & Specifications

- Width: 2732 mm

- Length: 3952 mm

- Height: 2714 mm

- Exterior wall height (front): 2714 mm

- Exterior wall height (rear): 2265 mm

- Building area: 10.8 m²

- Floor area: 9.6 m²

- Area: 16.7 m²

- Roof slope:

- Timber/wall thickness: 70 mm joists/16 mm panel

- Wood: Untreated spruce wood


- Wall sections: Finished uninsulated wall sections with paper lining, 70 mm studs and 16 mm wood facing

- Roof: 18 mm planed untreated tongue and groove boards on roof beams 43 x 140 mm

- Floor: 18 mm floorboards on floor beams 45 x 90 mm

- Double door: 1600 x 1930 mm

- Window: 2 pcs. 900 x 1800 mm

- Handles, locks and window fittings: Included

- Nails & screw: Included

- Other: Roofing is not included, available as an accessory

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