Wendy house

A corner of the garden reserved for imagination and adventure - that's precisely what a Wendy House represents. These delightful wooden garden structures are a beloved tradition in the UK, where children of all ages can explore, dream, and play. Wendy Houses, also known as Playhouses, are crafted from wood and available in various models.

Wooden Wendy Houses offer children a magical space where they can pretend to be pirates in search of treasures, princesses in their castles, or adventurers on an exciting journey. These charming little houses are tailor-made to let imaginations run wild. What's more, there's a range of different models to choose from to suit various tastes and needs.

All our Wendy Houses are pure play paradise - choose your favourite

Many of our Wendy Houses are designed to resemble real cottages and houses. Children have ample space for all their needs in their very own miniature homes. Our cozy little dwellings provide children with the sensation of having their own genuine house. Select the Wendy House that best fits your family, your home, and your surroundings. Are you in search of a spacious or compact Wendy House? Would you like shutters, flower boxes, a veranda, or a fence? Perhaps you desire a Wendy House with a chimney? Additionally, we offer Wendy Houses with lofts, adding an extra layer of excitement and charm for your little ones. No matter which Wendy House you choose, you're guaranteed to enjoy more outdoor playtime.

Tips when building a Wendy House

Our Wendy Houses are crafted from premium quality wood and are delivered directly to your doorstep. As soon as your delivery arrives, building your Wendy House is a breeze. Don your toolbelt and become the family's proud carpenter. Polhus Wendy House building kits are designed for effortless assembly. It's like working with adult-sized Lego blocks! As your children grow older, the Wendy House can be repurposed for storage.

Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, our Wendy House kits are designed for easy and stress-free construction. Watching your Wendy House take shape in your garden is a memorable experience. It's a project that not only provides immediate joy for your children but also offers a unique bonding opportunity for your family. Create lasting memories as you work together to assemble your Wendy House, and be proud of the space you've built for imaginative play.

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Discover the Charm of Wooden Wendy Houses

Wooden Wendy Houses offer a multitude of benefits that make them a fantastic choice for outdoor play and family enjoyment. Crafted from high-quality wood, these charming structures are built to last, ensuring durability for years with proper care. Their natural charm, with a rustic aesthetic, seamlessly blends with your garden's environment, adding a touch of elegance.

One of the significant advantages of Wooden Wendy Houses is their customization potential. They come in various sizes and styles, allowing you to tailor them to your garden's dimensions and your family's preferences. Add unique touches like flower boxes, shutters, or a veranda to create a one-of-a-kind play space that reflects your style.

With Wooden Wendy Houses, you're not just investing in a playhouse; you're embracing the enduring allure and practicality of wood for timeless outdoor enjoyment, offering a wide array of benefits for your family's outdoor space.