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Garden sheds aren’t anything to be ashamed of

Garden sheds are designed to create some order in the garden chaos. It's nice to always know where you have your belongings and to be able to store them under a roof, like a storage building on your land.

Garden sheds also save you from having to look at your mess. You shouldn't just shove unsorted, leftover stuff into a room to avoid seeing it, tidiness in the shed is still important. Most objects in a garden shed aren’t ornaments. They're put away because they're not needed just now. But regardless of whether it's boxes of crockery, outdoor furniture for winter storage or ski equipment stored over the summer, they don't add anything to your home. We need sheds in order to have room to be able to show off things we want to look at instead. This doesn't make us worse people. Everyone has a garden shed or a 'dump' where they put things they don't want to have in their houses.

All things considered, we still need those things. In a garden shed we keep items we feel are good-to-have. They might not fulfil any function in our lives right now, but either we know that they will, like ski equipment and chair cushions for the veranda, or they're things that we need every now and then, like extra chairs, a camping bed or tools.

There's also a third category - things you never know if you might need, but on the day you do, they're worth their weight in gold. It's so annoying to have to buy or borrow something we had before that we didn't keep because we weren't sure we would need it. Put simply, a set of spare items.

The only thing left to do is to choose the right garden shed for your storage needs. First of all, the right size is important. It's not necessarily the case that bigger is better. You don't want to have to squash your things in there, but you also don't want to have too much space. When you have too much space, you might not think critically and just decide to save things that should actually be thrown away.

Then there's the design. If there are big things to store, you'll need a big door. A sturdy double door is big enough to get the snow blower, lawnmower and motorcycle in. If you only have small items, then a large and wide door takes up unnecessary space where you could have placed a shelving system with floor to ceiling storage space. Think about it and then choose the right garden shed for the right place.