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Get organised with a garden shed

Buying a garden shed may seem like the most boring purchase you can make. It's nothing like a pavilion, a conservatory or a garden house that can be lived in. A garden shed is four walls and a roof. It might not even have any windows.

But a garden shed is much more than just a warehouse for storing things you don't want to throw away. A garden shed building is an opportunity to get your life in order. We've all spent time running around looking for something we know we have without being able to remember where we've put it. Buying a new one just because you can't find the old one is annoying and sometimes not even possible and it's also irritating to spend your precious free time searching.

This is something you can avoid by designing the interior of your garden shed so you can organise things. You can have shelves that divide your belongings into different categories, drawers with clear labels and perhaps a tool board where each tool has its own place and where you can immediately see if something is missing or in the wrong place.

And it doesn't matter what the garden shed is for - the problems and the potential for improvement are the same whether you've bought a shed to store garden tools and outdoor furniture in, or if you have a hobby that requires a lot of materials and tools. For professionals, order and good organisation are even more important. If you run a carpentry studio, a car workshop or sewing business, you don't want to waste time looking for the right tool, or use something else because you can't find what you want. It doesn't help to buy a lot of expensive special tools if you can't find them. To always do the best possible job, you need to have the right things in the right place.

In recent years, more and more people have come to understand all this. The Japanese organisational consultant Marie Kondo's books have been selling like hot cakes. Books about cleaning and organisation seem to have replaced the self-help books on increasing self-esteem and finding your inner joy. It isn't that surprising. Having control over your life saves time and energy but it also makes everything much more fun when there are specific places for your things and you always have order. It reduces stress and makes life simpler.

There are two kinds of people. The ones who have order and those who wish they had it. By buying the right kind of garden shed for the life you live, you can easily make sure you belong to the first category.