/ Shingle package for P6546 models
Shingle package for P6546 models

Shingle package for P6546 models

Item NO.: Shingelpaket-45m2

Black, durable and easy to lay shingles for roofing, specially adapted for our P6546-models.

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An incorrectly built roof can often lead to issues that you'd rather avoid. That's why one of the most important steps of building a house is to make sure that the roof is laid correctly.

If you use shingles, the roofing will be quick and easy, and nowhere near as complicated as many people think. Shingles, which are basically fibre-glass felt impregnated with bitumen, are an easy material to work with and, above all, very flexible.

The shingles in this package are adapted to our garden houses - P6546 models.


Included in package

- Katepal Xtreme underlay 1 x 25 metre (82 ft): 3 rolls

- Shingles: 15 shingle packs, KL black

- Felt shingles for eaves/ridge: 2 packs of 20 felt shingles (1 m/felt shingle, 3.28 ft/felt shingle)

- Adhesive K36: 6 tubes

- 1 pack Roofing nails (x1000): 15 mm (0.59 inches)

- 1 pack Roofing nails (x2500): 25 mm (0.98 inches)

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