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Garden houses – versatile buildings with lots of possibilities

There are lots of reasons why people dream of having a garden house. A garden house has a number of different uses, making it a truly versatile building. Space is always in high demand, and by building a garden house, you can have that space without turning your current dwelling into a construction site. Once the new house is there, you have several options for how to use it. 

You can use a garden house simply as an extra space, a guest house when relatives and friends visit, a hobby room, a workshop or just a place to get some peace and quiet. You can also add a library, a home cinema or a workshop where you won't disturb the rest of your family. 

Perhaps the garden house could even become something a little more permanent. You can make it an extra home that you rent out, and then you'll have a fixed income every month. Many people who don't own any land would still like to live in a detached house, with all the benefits that come with it. For them, renting a garden house is a perfect solution, as it's a small home for a reasonable price. 

This dwelling can also be used by several generations. It can be the first place your son or daughter live in. They can be close to the parental home but still have somewhere of their own where they can invite their friends and relax. When the children have moved away, it can be the perfect home for a grandparent who wants to live in their own house, but have the security of having their family very close by. In some countries, it's common for several generations to live under the same roof so it's easier to look after the grandparents, or get help from them with homework and babysitting. There will always be someone there when the children come home from school. Of course, there are pros and cons to this arrangement, but by living in different buildings on the same plot of land, you can benefit from the proximity without getting on each other's nerves. 

Best of all, a garden house can fulfil several of these roles during its lifetime. When your children are small, it can be a home office where you can get some peace and quiet. When your children are older, it can be their chill pad, or a first home. When the children have moved out, it can be rented out to students who need a home near where they're studying, and when grandma becomes a widow, she can move into her very own nursing home on the family land. 

There's always a need to be filled, and you rarely ever, or never, hear anyone saying they regret having built a garden house!