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Composting toilet EC2010X Ecoteco complete without housing

Item NO.: EC2010X/Ecoteco
Accessories for Outhouse Ecoteco

Composting toilet - EC2010X Ecoteco toilet, can be installed in an existing outhouse.

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Ecoteco's compost toilet EC2010X is designed to fit perfectly in our outhouse toilet, but we also sell this separately if you want to fit it to an existing outhouse. The toilet is designed to begin the composting process immediately after use, and is designed to be odourless.

If you use a replacement container (which we also sell), the composting process will convert human waste into usable soil, even with year-round use. Simple, economical and organic - the ideal combination!

The device doesn't need water or electricity to function and is constructed from high-quality materials with a low environmental footprint. The efficient ventilation guarantees the odourless use.

A sufficient (over 200 litre) container enables efficient composting along with a liquid container holding 10 litres. In addition to this, continuous composting is possible with a replacement container (an optional item). Emptying is easy, either you empty the compost directly from the outdoor toilet or finished soil from the replacement container.

Effective ventilation also reduces the amount of liquid collected. Due to its special design, emptying the liquid container is straight forward.

Mulltoa care - we recommend that you purchase an extra Ecoteco container. This enables you to replace the filled container with an empty one and allow the filled container to continue composting further. If the Ecoteco toilet is only used in the summer, emptying in the spring is recommended as composting continues for a longer period of time. Simple and effective!

Usage time

Buy a toilet - Ecoteco can be used all year round. Even if the compost freezes in the winter, it doesn't damage the container itself. Composting starts again as the temperature rises.

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- Dimensions: L 1200 x W 800 x H 1500 mm - Weight 80 kg

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