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Univent automatic window opener

Univent automatic window opener

Item NO.: GO4567/53-Vent
Automatic window opener providing temperature control

Cleverly designed automatic window opener that can regulate the temperature in the greenhouse without your input.

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Practical automatic window opener that helps you maintain a comfortable temperature and good ventilation in the greenhouse, helping your plants to thrive!

As the temperature increases, the window opens and then closes as the temperature drops. During installation, the window opener is set to open at 17 degrees, however, it’s possible to adjust the temperature setting to suit your needs. This simple and easy accessory adds so much quality of life to your greenhouse!


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    Thanks for fantastic service and a lovely greenhouse. We're so happy! 


Technical specifications

- Maximum window opening: approx. 45 cm depending on adjustment

- Maximum opening: At 30 ° C

- Initial opening temperature: 17-25 ° C

- Other: If a different temperature range is desired, this can be adjusted

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