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Summer house – east, west, home is best

The corona pandemic and environmental concerns have resulted in fewer flights and have made us more inclined to holiday at home. What started as the only option has now become a very deliberate choice. Taking a holiday is supposed to mean time for taking it easy, spending time with your family and recharging before returning to stressful everyday life. In sharp contrast, package holidays can be anything but stress-free.

The worries begin even at the ideas stage, when you're looking for a holiday resort that is cheap enough, but still has a guarantee of sunshine and offers enough attractions for everyone to be satisfied. Once you're there, it's important to use all your time as efficiently as possible and spend enough time at the beach, cafes, restaurants, spectacular buildings and archaeological sites. Postcards have to be sent, duty-free spirits and cheap clothes bought and why not a day trip to a remote mountain village with a bus that leaves the hotel at half past five in the morning? Back home after fourteen days of vacation you might feel you need at least a week to recover.

Vacationing in your own summer house is the opposite experience. When you arrive, you can sit down on the sofa and drink home-brewed coffee, without jet lag or lost suitcases. Everything you need for a lovely holiday is already in place with all the amenities you want, but it's still a change of scene. If you don't just want to rest and take it easy, you can start an easy project - build a jetty, grow vegetables, pick berries or make a fence. If it's not a quick job, you can just continue another day.

All that's needed to avoid stress during your holidays is a second home, and you don't even need to build it yourself. Just browse Polhus' range of summer houses and buy a ready-made kit, complete with drawings and everything you need. We have everything from simple single-storey cottages to large timbered two-storey houses with balconies, patios and thick-beamed ceilings.

Even though you want to take a 'staycation' in your home country, you might want different things from your holiday home. Some people want to keep it simple while others want a home as large and nice as their own home, or even nicer. For example, you might live in an apartment in the town where you work and want to feel like a real homeowner on the weekends and during the summer. Or you might want a summer house to move to permanently and that's when you need a year-round standard. Everything is achievable.