/ Sealing tape - 90 m²
Sealing tape - 90 m²

Sealing tape - 90 m²

Item NO.: Tape_90m2
80 Rollen à 10 Meter

A practical self-adhesive sealing strip that slowly expands between wall logs and fills any cracks. Perfect if you didn't intend to insulate the house, but you still want to prevent the cold outside air from penetrating between the logs. Installation is very easy and smooth!

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If the house is not intended to be insulated, we recommend using a sealing tape. The strip is placed between the wall logs to air-seal the wall structure in log houses with a log thickness of 70 mm and 90 mm. The self-expanding strip made of polyurethane foam is breathable - it prevents the retention of moisture. One side has a strong self-adhesive acrylic tape, which makes the strip is very easy to attach to the groove between each wall profile.

Advantages of sealing tape:

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Expands and fills all cracks and uneven parts between logs
  • Leaves a completely uniform tight seal
  • Protects the connection from dust, wind and rain up to 300 Pa
  • The open-cell structure enables breathability and moisture evaporation
  • Stays elastic
  • Safe for the user and the environment
  • Also provides sound insulation
  • Expands slowly after application

Included in the package

  1. Sealing tape, 25 rolls, each 10 meters


Dimensions & Specifications

- Sealing tape: 80 rolls, each 10 meters

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