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Pool Ocean 350

Item NO.: PT-Ocean-4000-d
Diameter: 3490 mm. Water volume: 11 000 litres

The Ocean 350 is a real gem! An elegant, deep and spacious pool that will be the highlight of the summer. Ocean's design makes it easy to assemble. Invite some friends over and install the pool in 2 days! Soon you'll be ready for your first pool party!

Unfortunately the product has been discontinued. This product has been discontinued from our range and can no longer be ordered

The difference is in the details

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Protective cover

Insulated lid +£890

Water care

Heat pump +£789

More information

  • Round pool - beautiful shape that blends into the garden and is easy to place even in smaller gardens
  • Robust construction - solid pool frame made of fibreglass that is easy to clean
  • Complete pool – pump and filter system as well as LED lights including
  • Beautiful ThermoWood panel – low maintenance and made from sustainable materials!
  • Plenty of room – water volume 11 000 litres
  • Free shipping and hassle free delivery to the plot border.

Summer is saved! Ocean 350 is a luxurious premium pool designed for memorable sunny summer days bathing in the garden. Ocean is designed to be a wonderful addition to the patio, for years to come. That's why the pool frame is made of tough fibreglass with a panel made of beautiful ThermoWood - both durable and robust materials that require minimal maintenance. You can place the beautifully rounded pool on the lawn or integrate with the patio to create an elegant and harmonious feature. By decorating the pool area with plants and sun loungers, you'll soon have your own lovely oasis in the garden!

Ocean comes with a complete pump, filter system and connection holes that make it easy to install the system. Because the water continuously circulates through the filter it stays clean throughout use. The flexible filter is connected to a 230 V power source and is delivered with a handy starter kit for your pool maintenance. There is also a timer on the pump so you can control the pump times during the day.

We recommend that you complete your order with our useful insulated lid, so you keep the temperature higher for longer between baths. If you want to swim when it starts to become cooler, you can also buy a pool heat pump.

How easy is it to assemble?

Despite the large design, the Ocean tub is easier to assemble than it looks! To avoid lifting with a crane, the pool is designed to be carried in two pieces. With the help of three (fairly fit) friends, you lift it into place and fasten the parts with the help of the included rubber strip and bolts.

If the pool is being placed on the lawn, dig down to about 20 - 30 cm depth. We recommend that you place a sand bed of 5 - 10 cm on the bottom to provide a good support for the whole design. It also protects the tub from roots and stones causing wear and tear - with care the pool will last for many years to come! When the pool is in place, you only need to connect the pump and sand filter system. Remember to place the system where you want it before you fill the tank with fibalon - otherwise it can be difficult to move. Then you're ready for your first bath!

Our experts are ready to help if you run into any questions regarding ordering, delivery or assembly!

Manuals and drawings - Download and print



- Diameter: 3490 mm

- Depth/height: 1200 mm

- Water volume: 11 000 litres

- Tub weight: 400 kg total, 200 kg per part

- Wood: ThermoWood, heat-treated pine

- Insert: Glass-fibre hard plastic


- Tub: Delivered in two pieces with the included rubber strip and bolts to attach the parts.

- Wood panel: Heat-treated wood panel including panel clips for hidden fasteners and 2 mounting rings

- Pump and filter system: Complete package with smart integrated timer and starter kit for pool maintenance, pump capacity 7000 l/h, voltage 230 V/250 W, maximum suction height 7.5 m

- Light: 4 LED white lights

- Other: Insulated lid not included- available as an accessory

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