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Playhouses inspire creativity

For children, a playhouse can consist of just plywood and boards, but there's no need for a playhouse to look like a sad pile of wood in your garden. Playhouses can and should look good. A playhouse from Polhus looks and works like a real house, it's just a lot smaller.

And there's every reason to get a playhouse for your kids. Children play in completely different ways now than they used to. Computers and telephones have made us more sedentary, and this applies not least to children who live in the present and don't have anything else to compare their experiences to. They also want to watch films, play games and communicate via the internet.

All of that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, they're simply growing up in a much more electronically-focused world than we did. However, the human body hasn't changed. We still need to move, use our whole bodies and train our motor skills. The sooner we get into these routines, the better. A person who is sedentary as a child risks being a sedentary adult and that's not just a shame, it's unhealthy. That's why it's so important that children are given the opportunity to play without using home electronic devices and new technology, 'just like in days gone by'.

A playhouse can affirm children's creativity. To the naked eye it's a mini 2-5 square metre house (22-54 square feet), but for them it's a world of dreams. It's a place where children are free to create their own reality. In and around the playhouse their rules apply, but they're not too far away from mum or dad.

Here they can play and create in a way that's probably not possible in a bedroom. This creativity will benefit them throughout life, not only when they become homeowners themselves but also in working life, with problem solving in every conceivable situation. The playhouse pulls children's attention away from the TV and tablet. It isn't necessarily wrong to use technical gadgets even at an early age, but no child needs more screen time.

Make the playhouse a creative place from the beginning by involving the children in the process. Let them approve the design and when the kit from Polhus arrives, the children can be there and help put the pieces together for their own playhouse. The construction time will probably be longer if the kids are involved, but it can create lasting memories for the whole family, and a house that's smaller than a car can be put together in no time.