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Gazebos – inside but outdoors at the same time

Gazebos are often hexagonal or octagonal, but give the impression of being almost round. With its large windows, the gazebo's location is very important because the view from it is the main attraction. The windows themselves are a central feature of the gazebo. With windows in all directions, it almost feels like being outdoors even though you’re sitting inside a building with a roof and walls. The big difference from the outdoors is that you avoid rain, wind, cold and insects in the gazebo.

That's why the gazebo works all year round, whether you need protection from rain or from the sun. Perhaps the most common reason for having a gazebo is to extend the outdoor season in areas where most of the year it's too cold or humid to sit outside for dinner or coffee. The gazebo is the best of both worlds - you can be in the middle of nature, but at the same time at a comfortable distance from it.

In a gazebo you can have afternoon tea or dinner parties, but it's not just a place for special occasions. A gazebo is a pavilion where you can enjoy yourself, really savour the natural daylight, and hang out with your family. You can play board games together or just relax and chat.

There are no rules for how a gazebo should look and the same applies to the interior. One of the most popular ideas is to place a table in the middle and avoid furniture along the walls so as not to obscure the windows. However, anything goes, and it's the owner who gets to decide. If you're looking for a room with fixed rules and standards, a gazebo probably isn't for you, as it's somewhere you really can unleash your creativity.

Some people combine gazebos with greenhouses because both people and plants like light and heat. Being able to sit next to a citrus tree with fruit makes it feel like you're in a tropical climate for a while, even if it's cold and rainy outside.

But a gazebo isn’t just for sitting in and admiring the view. It should also be a beautiful building to look at, whether you go all-in with fancy carved details, traditional windows and glass doors with glazing bars, or a more discreet or modern look. Materials, colours and interesting details, such as weather vanes or fittings, can all be worked with to create a gazebo that suits you and your garden.