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Building a garden house

Building a garden house in your garden is a smart way to get some extra income, a first home for your teenager who wants to move out or a guest house when relatives and friends come to visit. There are a thousand reasons to want more space and building a garden house is easier than you think.

To make it easier for homeowners

The Attefall reform in Sweden was implemented to make it easier for homeowners to build an extra house on their own land without a building permit and complicated regulations, but some rules still apply. The garden house must not exceed 30 square metres in size and building a garden house connected to the house that's already on the plot is not permitted. The maximum height of a garden house is four metres from the ground up to the roof ridge, but nothing prevents you from building a much smaller one, so as not to obscure the view from the residential house. If you choose a house with a flat gabled roof and without a loft, you may be able to manage with a height of three metres.

Garden House 30m² Eva

Garden House 30m² Eva

29.9 m² + loft 10.4 m²

Notched timbered garden house with four rooms and skylights.

  • Inbuilt roof drainage
  • Made in Europe
  • 4 mm safety glass
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A compromise that works for many people

You can build a garden house yourself using wood, but building one from scratch takes time and places great demands on the builder. Buying a garden house in a kit is a compromise that works well for most people. In a kit you can choose the model in peace and quiet, then receive a garden house with a drawing where you know the cost in advance. The price of your garden house is determined by which model you choose, and for lots of customers, knowing the price right from the start gives them peace of mind.

For some customers, it's the workload that is terrifying. They prefer to buy their garden house as a turnkey (finished) model. They may want to avoid doing any building themselves and prefer to leave the construction process to the professionals, then get involved themselves when it's time to decorate their new house. It's also possible to do this with a kit from Polhus. We have craftsmen contacts all over the country who can provide practical help with the assembly for customers who don't want to do it themselves.

Don't be afraid of the job

But don't be afraid of the process! Polhus kits are designed so that even customers without previous experience of construction can manage, with help from the manuals and included drawings. Also, Polhus construction experts have extensive experience of garden houses and are just a call away during the entire construction process, ready with tips and advice.