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A playhouse for everyone

Playhouses are usually bought for children. At the same time, there can be many benefits for the children's parents, too. As a parent, there's nothing more fun than making your children happy. If you give them a house, you'll be a super parent in their eyes, and that's a great feeling. All adults who had a playhouse as a child remember what it was like to have their own little house in the garden. Of course you want to give this feeling to your own children as well.

Why not do it together? Hold a family meeting where you decide where on your land the playhouse should be, which model to choose and what colour the facade and window frames should be. Make it a family project, from levelling the ground, building the house together according to the assembly instructions and finally painting it.

Once the playhouse is built, the children have their own space where they can hang out with their friends. Here they can draw, play games and play on their own terms. Just like adults, children need their own time and their own space. Just because children are dependent on their parents and other adults doesn’t mean that they lack autonomy.

Children want to, and should be allowed to, develop their own games. This is how they learn how life works and helps them prepare for adult life. Every team task at work would be impossible to carry out if it weren't for children's games - games are important both for children and for society as a whole. And when your children play in the playhouse, you can keep an eye on them without disturbing them.

And without being disturbed yourself! No matter how much you love your children, having them playing in your home all the time can be a bit too intense. It's lovely if your children want to bring friends home and you'll want to encourage them to do this. When children play close by but not too close it's a a win/win situation. Both children and parents enjoy this distance. It builds trust within the family and develops the children into independent individuals.

In the winter or when your children have grown up and moved out, the playhouse is great storage space. Even if the door is a bit too low for an adult to enter without banging their head, you can definitely store garden tools or cushions for outdoor furniture in the playhouse. So even though the playhouse is designed for children, it has something for everyone.