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The gazebo, a place where you can admire the scenery

You should plan the interior of your gazebo carefully, of course, but even more important is the location you choose. The beauty of a gazebo comes mainly from the view you get from within it. Think of a gazebo you've been to. If you remember what it looked like, it's probably mainly the outside you remember, but it's even more likely you remember what you saw when you looked out through the windows. Not everyone can place their gazebo by the shores of a beautiful lake or have a mountain with miles of views on their property, but the view is still a key feature.

So before you rush off to buy a gazebo, take a walk around your land and look for the perfect spot for it. Imagine where the windows will end up and what you'll see when you look out through them. Also, think about the height. With a foundation or plinths, the floor may end up well above ground level. Build a small platform with the help of plastic crates or pallets so that you can see exactly what view you'd have from your gazebo. It might be possible to move the gazebo when it's up if you're unhappy with where it is, but as usual it's easiest and cheapest to choose the right location from the start. 

At this point in the thought process, it's high time to bring out your compass and find out where the sun rises and sets. In a gazebo, you want to be able to bask in the sun from all sides of the house, but you'll probably want to enjoy a beautiful sunset the most. If it's obscured by your residential building, you may want to find a better place for your gazebo, but if it's obscured only by a couple of trees, you can chop your way to a better view. Cutting down some trees or removing dense shrubbery might be worthwhile.

Is it possible to build the foundation a little higher to optimise the view? This may mean that you have to build a ramp or a few steps to the door of the gazebo. If this feels like a problem, you might have to reconsider it. Also, think about which side of the house you want to have the door and possible patio. Maybe you want the door placed so that the distance to the residential building is as small as possible, but it's worth thinking about it carefully before you decide.

As you can see, there's a lot to think about, but don't let that stop you. With the right planning, the rewards will be even greater when the gazebo is in place - in the right place.