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The advantages of a construction kit

It's one thing to buy Ikea flat-pack furniture, but would you really dare to buy an entire house in a kit? There's a big difference between a bookshelf and a building such as a garden house , garden room, garden shed, summer house, sauna, garage, carport, gazebo, pavilion or even such an insignificant little building as an outhouse or playhouse. The short answer is 'yes'. Read on to get a more detailed answer, along with reasons why.

Nice and easy

Building a wooden house from scratch is a difficult task for most of us. A house is so much more than just walls, floors and a roof. There are rules and regulations for bearing capacity, roof slope, strength, ventilation gaps, fire safety and much more, with far-reaching consequences for those who make mistakes. The drawing will help you not to break any laws, but you can still spoil the building materials, or significantly shorten the life of the building, by making a small mistake.

A prefabricated house with pre-sawn walls made of building elements or knot timber is free of that type of problem. Here, any ventilation gaps are already prepared and the measurements have been made. The components are assembled into a finished house in the same way as you would build with LEGO or Meccano.

At the same time, delivery is both faster and less complicated than delivering a finished house, even with houses as small as playhouses or tool sheds. Of course, this also affects the final price. You simply get the best of both worlds by buying a construction kit - it's lighter than loose timber and cheaper than a finished building.

Fewer question marks

There's a lot to think about when building a house, and no matter how carefully you plan, there will always be unforeseen problems. For example, the material you ordered might not arrive on time or isn't available. Most of the building material you use when building a house is wood or part-wood, which is a living material with short lead times. It's simply not possible to know if the boards, joists or doors you have decided on will be available exactly when you need them.

The same goes for the workers. They’re not made of wood, but they can still be delayed. If the carpenter is late, you may have to postpone the time you have booked with the plumber, who in turn is dependent on the electrician. It becomes a time-consuming puzzle that almost never goes without a hitch.

By buying the house in a kit, there's much less that can go wrong. You're pre-warned of the delivery in good time and the rest of the work is done by the customer, who isn't dependent on others. The biggest uncertainty factor, the price, is also clear well in advance and you don't have to deal with the shock of finding that something is suddenly more expensive than planned.

How do you do it?

Perhaps the greatest assurance is that you know in advance what the end result will be. Construction kits from Polhus are well-documented with information and pictures, and it's even possible to go and look at what a house model looks like when it's finished. So it's just a matter of taking your time and choosing which house you want.

When the kit is delivered, all the material is included. There's no risk of getting screws that are too small, or the wrong window lining. The package also includes drawings and assembly instructions for how to put everything together, in the right way and in the right order.

And if questions arise - which they almost always do - Polhus' customer service and construction experts are never further away than a phone call or email. A kit from Polhus has a complete package price and with that package comes a total commitment until the house is ready and the customer is satisfied.