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Summer houses, with a full-time standard

The coronavirus pandemic led to a new green wave. Employers began to recommend that their staff work from home to reduce the spread of infection and many discovered the benefits of being at home during the day. It means being able to have breakfast with your children, avoiding sitting in traffic on the way to work, saving commuting time and being able to cook your own lunch in peace and quiet. The meetings that previously took place in conference rooms worked perfectly remotely. They even became more efficient and structured than when everyone had to gather in the same place.

If you can work from home at least a few days a week, it means that you can live further from your workplace. We no longer need to crowd together in cities but can live out in the countryside where both house and land prices are much lower than in larger urban areas. We learned that another kind of life is possible. The price of summer houses skyrocketed when more and more people realised that life in the country has many advantages.

Many of us, when leaving a summer house after the weekend or the summer, have felt that it would have been nice to stay. Suddenly, we can! However, if you lived in your summer cottage all year round or most of the year, you'd probably wouldn't be satisfied with the standard that's acceptable when you're staying there for just a few weeks in the summer. If you want to be able to live and work in the house, it requires a higher standard of construction.

Polhus summer houses live up to our customers' high demands, as previous buyers know. In our range, there's a model for everyone and thanks to all the different options, the customer can choose the details that are important to them and that work with the surroundings. There are different thicknesses of wood, insulation packages and roofing, and you can also choose between double and triple-glazed windows. 

If you buy a kit, you not only get the opportunity to personalise your house, it also keeps the price down, so you can treat yourself to the most luxurious options. The kit also makes you more independent - by buying a summer house that can be set up anywhere, you can buy an undeveloped plot or one with a house that doesn't meet your requirements and quickly replace it with a Polhus house. In just a few months, it could be you working from home in the house of your dreams.