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Summer houses – a dream you can make a reality

A summer cottage, a small croft or a modern summer house, where you can recharge your batteries when you need a break from everyday life, are all places many people long for. Imagine being able to grow your own tomatoes, build a bookshelf or just sit with a coffee cup in your hand and enjoy the chirping of the birds. That's the good life!

And unlike many other dreams, this is one that you can actually realise. It doesn't even have to take much time. As soon as next spring, you could be sitting in or just outside your dream house, planning summer projects and adventures.

Finding your dream house might be possible, but it's almost never in your dream location - far enough from the city for peace and quiet, but still not so far that it will be a mission to get there. That's why it's a good idea to buy a finished house in a kit from Polhus. That way you know right from the start what the house will look like, how long it will take to build and - not least - what it will ultimately cost. It also comes with ready-made drawings you can use to apply for a building permit (in Sweden), to straighten out any final question marks.

At Polhus, you can choose the house that best suits your needs. You can choose the perfect size, one or two floors, flat or sloping roofs, windows and doors, timber thickness, roofing, porch and everything else you need to design the house to your liking. With this foundation, all you need is to find your dream plot of land, just far enough away from the city, with the neighbours a good distance away, in a secluded forest or by a lake and for the right price. Once you've made your decision, Polhus will deliver the kit with all the parts.

Now the fun starts - it's time to put the house together. With a ready-to-assemble kit, you don't have to be a carpenter or even particularly good at DIY. It only takes two people with common sense who can read a manual, and after a few days the dream of your own summer house has bedn realised.

If it's your dream, then grab it now! Make a decision based on your needs and budget, decide which of Polhus' models is best for yoy, find out how much a plot in your desired region will cost and start calculating what sacrifices you need to make to reach your goal. Maybe you're closer to achieving your dream than you think.