/ Sauna package Electric Narvi 9 kW
Sauna package Electric Narvi 9 kW

Sauna package Electric Narvi 9 kW

Item NO.: NS-900-Black
9 kW

Well-designed electric heater in a practical package with a built-in control panel and sauna stones.

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Heat up your sauna effortlessly and efficiently with an electric heater. The Narvi NS is equipped with a robust heating element featuring a generous diameter, ensuring an extended lifespan for the unit. The large stone compartment, with its open and unique design, releases delightful steam into the sauna space. Adjusting power and time is a breeze with the convenient control panel. The package includes a sauna heater in an elegant design, complete with a practical control panel and sauna stones. Choose a modern and powerful sauna package to dive straight into the world of sauna bathing!

Always remember to consult a qualified electrician for the installation of our electric heaters to ensure safe and correct operation.

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Included in the delivery

- Sauna Heater: Narvi NS 900 Black, 9kW

- Sauna Stones: Sauna stones smaller than 10 cm (20kg)

- Control Panel: Dial for the control panel can be mounted on both sides

- Connection: Narvi NS can be connected to 400V 3-phase, 230V 1-phase, and 230V 3-phase (Norway).


- Sauna Package: L 600 x W 800 x H 440 mm - Weight approximately 50 kg

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