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Sauna Package Electric 11 kW Harvia

Item NO.: SP-S/AL20
Sauna package for all our large sauna cabins

Sauna package for electrically heated saunas - fits all our large sauna cabins

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Everyone has a romantic image of sitting in a wood-heated sauna, with the lovely smell of burning birch wood. That's until they realise how much easier it is to use an electric heater. Imagine not having to chop, stack, carry the wood, start a fire and then wait an eternity for the sauna to reach the right temperature and stay there. Saunas should be relaxing!

Electricity isn't just easy, it's also cheap. For those of us who don't have our own forest, your money quickly runs out if you have to buy firewood as well. Burning wood also means a chimney has to be installed by professionals, following all the rules and regulations, which is much more time consuming than connecting a heater for an electrically heated sauna.

This sauna package includes an 11 kW electric heater and 120 kilos (264.56 pounds) of sauna rocks. It couldn't be easier!

Always remember to use a qualified electrician when installing our electric heaters for safe and proper operation.

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Included in package

- Sauna heater: HPC1104XE - Cilindro PC110XE Steel (incl. control panel) Harvia

- Sauna rocks: Sauna rocks smaller than 10 cm (3.94 inches) (120 kg, 264.56 pounds)


- Sauna package: L 1200 x B 800 x H 600 mm - (47.24 x 31.50 x 23.62 inches) Weight approx. 160 kg (352.74 pounds).

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