/ Huum Hive 15 kW with control unit WiFi + rocks
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Huum Hive 15 kW with control unit WiFi + rocks

Huum Hive 15 kW | Control Unit WiFi | Sauna stones

For sauna users who like high temperatures and long-lasting steam! Huum Hive's Scandinavian design and smart WiFi control unit make your sauna an elegant and comfortable place.

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  • Beautiful Scandinavian design
  • Large stone basket - provides long-lasting steam
  • Remote control via a mobile app - heat up the sauna wherever you are

For those who desire higher temperatures in the sauna, the Huum Hive 15 kW is an excellent choice. The large stone basket provides comfortable and intense heat with long-lasting sauna steam. Furthermore, it's a true design gem!

In our sauna package, we include sauna stones and a control unit with Wi-Fi, allowing you to heat up the sauna both through the control panel and your mobile phone. You can easily adjust the temperature and start the sauna wherever you are. You can monitor in real-time how the sauna is heating up, and the app notifies you when the desired temperature is reached. With a door sensor and overheat protection, you can be confident in safe heating. So, get started with sauna bathing easily and quickly with a complete and smart sauna package.

Always remember to use a qualified electrician when installing our electric heaters for safe and proper operation.

Don't hesitate to contact our knowledgeable customer service if you have any questions regarding sauna heaters, assembly, or ordering!

  • S

    Stefan F

    Easy to work with

  • B

    Bengt M

    Easy to put together

  • M

    Mats J

    Good quality of the sawn wood, good fit

  • P

    Perrin W

    Very good. The wood for the foundation could have been better quality. But in general a good experience, everything was in the right place.

  • U

    Ulf H

    I'm very pleased and it all works just as it should

  • A

    Angelika S

    Simple, good descriptions

  • T

    Tore A

    Not difficult for a home carpenter to build. Everything is included in the building kit.

  • A

    Anders K

    Getting a quote, ordering, delivery, payment, assembly and using for the first time are now all done!! We're really pleased.

  • M

    Markus I

    We're enjoying our Polhus sauna Olli! We kept everything as standard, just enlarged the veranda slightly.

  • P

    Petra D

    Good value for money, delivery went smoothly.

Manuals and drawings - Download and print


Included in the package

- Sauna Heater: Huum Hive 15 kW

- Control Unit: HUUM up to 18 kW – WiFi

- Stone Package: Sauna stones, round, 255 kg


- Power: 15 kW

- Recommended m3 (insulated space): 15 - 30 m3

- Stone Magazine: approximately 270 kg

- Weight without stones: 20 kg

- External Dimensions W x D x H: 555 x 555 x 800 cm

- Fuse A: Refer to the user manual

- 400 V 3 N~ cables: Refer to the user manual

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