/ Huum drop 9 kW with control unit WiFi + stones
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Huum drop 9 kW with control unit WiFi + stones

Huum drop 9kw + Control unit up to 18 kw + stones (round)

Practical and stylish aggregate with beautiful drop-shapes aggregate Huum Drop 9kW. Practical Wi-Fi control unit and gorgeous round stones. Choose a practical aggregate package and create an inviting atmosphere in your sauna!

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Huum Drop is a unique drop-shaped aggregate designed so every scoop of water creates luxurious steam that lasts. The large stylish stones create a soft warmth perfect for a long relaxing sauna. The beautiful round stones really do the design justice! 

With the UKU Wi-Fi control unit, you can easily and conveniently adjust the temperature and start the sauna from anywhere. You can monitor the heating of the sauna in real time and the app will notify you when the desired temperature has been reached. This way you can heat up the sauna even when you are on your way to home from training or from meeting your friends.

The door sensor and overheating protection always guarantee a safe sauna experience.

DROP is a unique aggregate that creates an atmospheric sauna and a modern look.

Always remember to use a qualified electrician when installing our electric heaters for safe and proper operation.

Manuals and drawings - Download and print


Included in the package

- Sauna aggregate: HUUM DROP – 9 kW

- Control unit: HUUM 18 kW – Wi-Fi

- Stone package: Sauna stones round 60 kg


- Power: 9 kW

- Rek. m3 (isolated space): 8 - 15 m3

- Stone holder: 55 kg

- Weight without stones: 12 kg

- Outer measurements B x D x H: 390 x 350 x 590

- Safety A: 3 x 16

- 400 V 3 N~ cables: 5 x 2.5 mm2

Safe distances

- On the side: 100 mm

- To the floor: 120 mm

- Front: 100 mm

- To the ceiling: 1200 mm

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