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Garden sheds – not an outdated aspiration

Many people dream of a walk-in closet or a fully equipped workshop where they can mess around to their hearts' delight. Children want to have a little hut of their own, perhaps up in a tree, to which adults don't have access, and adults play the lottery to take home the top prize and buy their own castle. This is, of course, a generalisation - some people dream of neither castles nor cottages, though there aren't many people whose greatest desire is a garden shed. A garden shed could be seen as just a box, whose only use is to be filled with things you don't currently need, and as such is quite the opposite of a 'dream house'.

That's why some people wait a long time to get a garden shed. They think that if they only had a bit more time, they could organise their belongings without needing somewhere to store them. But take it from us - that will never happen. Not just because people don't take the time to clear out, but because over the years everyone accumulates a lot of stuff they don't want to be parted from.

The garden shed is also a necessity for other projects. For example, anyone who has a garden needs tools. If you have a lawn, you need a lawn mower and if you want to grow plants, you need shovels, rakes and other tools, watering cans and hoses, seeds, soil, fertiliser and other soil improvers. It's possible to store lots of things outdoors, perhaps under a sloping roof or a tarpaulin, but how much fun is it to work on something if you don't have your tools and materials together, neat and tidy? Not much.

This is just an example. It's the same if you do any outdoor sports, such as cycling or kayaking, which come with more accessories that need to be stored somewhere. Then there's the general need for storage which we all have. In the winter you need to put away outdoor furniture, in the summer snow shovels or snow blower. Everything lasts longer and stays in a better condition if its stored under a roof, and all our possessions are much easier to find if they have their own designated place.

So in the end we all buy or build some kind of storage unit, whether it's a garden shed or tool shed with a design suited to its purpose. It can be large or small, have high or low ceilings, have a small, narrow door or large, solid doors, large windows on walls and doors or without any windows at all. Everything ends up in the right place and every task is a bit more fun than before.