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Garden rooms – a free-standing house

Being in a relationship and having a family is a goal for lots of people. If you have a big house, there's often a corner where you can get some peace and quiet when you need your own time. But most people probably dream of having a quiet space of their own, a place where you can lock yourself away and do whatever you like, then close the door and know that everything will be in the same condition when you return.

This is what garden rooms are designed for. A small detached house to set up in the garden that can be used for whatever you like. If you have a hobby where you need to spread out and not have to pack away all the time, the garden room is perfect, for example as a workshop or studio.

Another popular use is as a home office. Of course, you can manage with just a study or even a desk in a room, but if you work a lot from home, it's nice to get away from the house. The rest of the family also usually appreciates that part of the home isn’t converted into work space. When you come home from work or school, you want to enjoy your free time, not end up in another workplace, where you’re expected to be quiet and not disturb the person working.

For the home worker themselves, there are lots of benefits to having a secluded room. You can talk on the phone or collaborate in video conferences without having to think about unwanted background noise, and in between you have a quiet room where you can think and concentrate. Many people find that they get more done when they work from home and that's precisely because they don't get disturbed. If the alternative is the office, then a garden room is heaven on earth.

Another advantage of working in a detached building is that you close the door when you leave. When you work from home with a computer and phone it's often hard to draw the line between work and leisure. You might even work a bit extra in the evenings with the result that you never feel completely free and get the rest you so desperately need.

Sure, it costs a pretty penny to treat yourself to a garden room instead of cramming into a shed or garage, but it can be a great investment when you consider the benefits of having an extra house on your land.