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Garden room – a place to live in

A garden room provides peace and quiet - your own space where you can read, write or work in silence. It's also possible to see it as the opposite. Since the garden room is a free-standing building with insulation in the walls, you can live it up without disturbing the peace of your family or neighbours.

A garden room makes an excellent music studio or rehearsal room, for example. It's more than big enough to hold a rock band, complete with drum set, acoustic string instruments and a singer who really lets rip. If someone in your family plays the drums or the violin, this solution can save both your peace of mind and your marriage.

Even if you don't play an instrument yourself, you might want to listen to some tunes with the volume turned up. Music lovers can put on their headphones, but we all know it will never be the same as filling the whole room with sound. With headphones on it's like watching a feature film on a smartphone. If you can't enjoy it to the full, you might as well not do it. A garden room however can be fitted with a home cinema system with surround sound so you can appreciate great music and world-class films without being disturbed by less enthusiastic friends or family members.

Computer games are another activity that splits society in two. Gamers are a group that want it to be quiet around them but also to be able to really let go themselves. When playing multiplayer games together with your friends, you probably all talk and shout together, while everyone else has to keep quiet and tip toe around you. This doesn't work well in a family home, but in a garden room players can really let loose.

Many other hobbies are also quite loud, whether they involve using a hammer, drill or circular saw. Nice for the person whose hobby it is, but unbearable for those close to them. Let DIY lovers use a garden room and everyone's happy.

Noise may seem like a trifling matter. After all, in all households you have to get along, and sounds are just compressed air, so how bad can it really be? Actually, it can be pretty bad. Even low-frequency unwanted noise can lead to sleep disorders, headaches and fatigue.

Last, but not least, unwanted sounds are just annoying! If this can be solved by giving the person who makes the noise their own garden room to use, it's good for everyone concerned. So, before you get on each other's nerves so much that you're ready to start another world war - buy a garden room from Polhus.