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A house for your car

A residential house is for people to live in, a playhouse is for children's games. A garage, on the other hand, is a house for cars, or possibly motorcycles or lawn mowers, but in any case mainly for vehicles and not for people.

Still, it's definitely a good idea to get a garage or a carport. We all spend a lot of money on our cars so it makes sense to keep them well-maintained. Apart from driving, cars are most likely to suffer when they're parked outdoors. Cars don't like the snow, rain, sun or wet leaves. Their paint loses its lustre, the chassis rusts, the rubber dries out and the batteries go flat. Most of all, cars hate to be started from cold. Every cold start increases wear and tear on the engine, even if it isn’t very cold outside. Keeping your car indoors or at least under a roof can really extend its life.

Also, there's no hiding the fact that it's better for the driver too. If you use your car every day, for your daily commute and/or for shopping and other errands, it's difficult if the vehicle is either as cold as a freezer or hot as a sauna. With a roof over your car, you avoid those extremes of temperature.

Whether you need a knot-timbered double garage with tilting door and window or just a single carport is up to you. All our models offer great protection for your car, so it depends more on your taste, how much you're into cars and also what kind of car you have. Another possibility is combined spaces where the garage is combined with a garden shed for your bike or garden tools.

If you want to spend time working on you car, a garage is the best choice, preferably a large and spacious one so that you don't have to squeeze in. A garage can also be heated, but even if it isn't, the building alone helps keep out the damp. Once you've driven the car out of it, the garage can then be used as a workshop or hobby room.

A carport, on the other hand, takes up less space, is easier to park in, isn’t filled with exhaust fumes and you don't have to scrape ice off the windows if the temperature dips below freezing. If you feel you need more heat, you can simply put an interior heater in the car.

A carport is cheaper than a garage, but even if both options cost money, it's worth it in the long run. A car is often one of the most expensive possessions we have, and it's also one we spend the most time in. That's why it can be well worth it to give the car a roof over its head.