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8 tips for taking control of your garage

Are you one of those people who can't fit their car in the garage, because it's so messy that you don't even know where to begin tidying up? Try our eight tips to optimise your garage space.

Divide up the space in your garage 

Garages are often used not only for cars but also as a general garden shed, workshop, hobby room and much more. By dividing the room into different zones you can ensure that all your items fit in the limited space. Otherwise the garage risks becoming a jack of all trades, master of none. 

Work bench 

Work surfaces are usually one of the biggest problem areas, and if you have to spend an hour finding space to work in, it's easier to avoid getting started. With a wall-mounted workbench and a smart tool board, you can quickly start working on projects of any size. 

Do it yourself! 

There are lots of ready-made cabinets, drawers and sorting bins available to buy, but sometimes it's best to make your own solution yourself. Look at what tools and machines will fit in your garage and figure out what types of shelves, drawers and hangers you need. Maybe a pencil case from the office supplies shop will turn out to be the perfect holder for screwdrivers. Think practically! 

Use the walls for sorting 

By putting up shelves and cabinets on the walls, you can make the most of the available space. Garden tools take up almost no space at all if they hang on the wall, but easily fill up the whole room lying on the floor. With the help of wire trays, a 'String' shelving system and brackets, you can create a storage system on the wall that's simple and easy to use. 

Use the ceiling 

The ceiling is another unused space. No one is going to stumble over discarded items and debris if it's above them. With a clever system of boxes or drawers, you can easily sort your belongings in a smart way. Car parts, tools, sports equipment, shoes, Christmas items and nails - store each thing separately so it's easy to find. 

Optimise your parking space 

Even if you know your car inside and out, parking it is always a bit tight in a garage. If you’re unlucky, you only need to drive a few centimetres too far or open a door carelessly to get an annoying dent or scratch in the paint. On boats, fenders made of rubber or Styrofoam are hung over the railings to protect the boat from other ships and hard jetties. It's work just as well for cars if you attach fenders to exposed garage walls. Another way to get it right is to hang tennis balls from the ceiling so you notice when you’re about to drive too far in. 

Make the garage door smart 

With a regular mobile phone, you can control the door, open it from inside the car and check that the door is closed. All with the help of sensors. In addition to saving time, it's a joy to not have to step out of the car more often than necessary. Also, it improves security and helps keep both thieves and rats at bay. 

Find new uses for the space 

When you have cleaned your garage, it may well be that there's more space than you had expected. Maybe you can squeeze in a study or home gym next to the car. Or how about a rehearsal room, or a bicycle workshop? It all depends on how successful your clearing out session has been and what interests the other members of your household have. 

So take charge of your garage - turn the space you have into a room full of positive energy!