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Sunwind Minivent – Solar powered fan

Sunwind Minivent – Solar powered fan

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Solar powered fan

A practical vent with a solar-powered fan - perfect for basic ventilation in garden houses, sheds, garages and more. Are you curious about solar cell solutions? With solar-powered fans, you avoid both the electrical installation and running costs. Installation is quick and easy. As a bonus, you'll be helping the environment!

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More information

  • Ventilates, reduces the risk of poor air quality 
  • Quick and easy installation 
  • Environmentally friendly 
  • Fully automatic 
  • Can be used for incoming or outgoing air 
  • No maintenance required 

Are you, like many other people, wondering how to add ventilation to your garden house, garage or shed? Vents with solar-powered fans are a simple solution that works in all types of houses, whether they are insulated or not. You can manage the installation in no time! 

The solar-powered fan ventilates the house and reduces the risk of damp and muggy air. The vent comes with two different fans so it can be used as either an incoming or outgoing air valve. For sheds, for example, we recommend using the solar-powered vent as an outgoing air valve. Ventilation valves are not necessary in uninsulated houses. In insulated houses, you can complete your system with a standard air valve, or use two solar-powered vents - one for outgoing air and one for incoming air. Just remember to place the outgoing air valve so that it gets maximum sun.

How to install the valve

Place the vent in a place where it will get the most sun. It's usually best to place it in a southerly position. Remember not to place the vent in a place that is in the shade, for example in the shade created by the roof.

When you have chosen a suitable place, mark out where the pipe should fit and saw a hole 110-113 mm in diameter. Then it's easy to attach the vent to the wall using the enclosed screws.

Our construction experts have extensive experience of ventilation issues. Should any questions arise in connection with ordering or assembly, you are always welcome to contact our customer service.


Technical specifications

- Fan capacity: 60 m³/t (2118.88 ft³/t)

- Solar panel voltage: 3.5 V

- Solar panel dimensions: 240 x 210 mm (9.45 x 8.27 inches)

- Hole required: 110 mm (4.33 inches) in diameter

- Weight: 0.75 g (0.026 ounces)

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